Baton PublishingRip off

I too got caught, brought somehing from "Barton Publishing", then noticed in the small print that I had signed on for a 'free' trial to well watchers MD and would be charged unless I cancelled in the 14 day trial period. So I e-mailed well watchers MD and cancelled, which they confirmed by return e-mail. Now Iget my credit card statement and fine that they have charged me $1.87 anyway. I am contacting me credit card provider to put a stop to this payment.

Baton Publishing are the biggest rip-off merchants of all time!! They have an ordering process which is so confusing and convoluted that you order stuff without realising, then they don't allow you to check your order before finalising it, then if you do try to change the order they double dip and still charge you for both orders. Now they won't answer any e-mails to their help line and are totally ignoring me. I have asked the Credit Card people to stop this payment too and will report them to consumer affairs in USA. Don't deal with any of these companies!!!


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