Bath Solutions of Algoma / Shower stall remodel.

60 Pim Street, Sault Ste Marie, ON, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: 705-942-2284

Feb 23 2013 Lucas Provenzano gave us an estimate . Mar 2 2013 met him at his shop and picked out the panels we liked put down a deposit of $1350.00 Following week discovered my wife had breast cancer . Waited until the first week in April did not get any updates on the job. By April 15 2013 with chemo problems and my wife getting upset because of no update on the job and no response from Lucas we decided to cancel . It took until May 5 2013 after many unanswered calls to Lucas and calling his office he finally called back and I explained my wife's situation to him and he agreed to refund us our deposit if he found a buyer for the panels that were ordered for our job. It took another 3 weeks to get a hold of him again and that is the last time we have heard from him. I have called him on his cell phone once a week with no response. I have also contacted franchise office every 2 weeks or more and they sent emails and messages to him and still no reply . On July 9 2013 finally talked to Jim a V.P. at the franchise office and he said he would get after him . After three weeks called Jim back and he said that Lucas had promised to pay us back. Called Lucas again this week and still no response and also informed franchise office of this.

Aug 21, 2013

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