Bastion Hotel Groep / Bad hotel

United States

I had reserved and paid for a double room for 4 nights at Bastion Hotel Amsterdam Centrum-Zuidwest. Please note that I had a guaranteed reservation.

I want to present you the problems I encountered:

1. Although I had booked and paid in advance for a double room at Bastion Centrum-Zuidwest hotel, when I arrived there they told me that the hotel is full and that I have to move to another one, near the airport. I did this because I didn't have where else to go, but they did not even offer me a discount, even though I had to take a shuttle to the airport and then the train to arrive in the city each day, which cost me both time and money.

If I wanted a hotel near the airport I would have reserved a room there!

2. At the hotel near the airport, when I wanted to check out, they told me that I paid for 3 nights and I stayed 4, so I have to pay another 100 euros. So even though I had been moved, they wanted ME to pay extra for the hotel I did not want in the first place. I told them that I paid 300 euros for 4 nights, not 3, and finally they said that I only have to pay 22 euros, for the tourist taxes, which I did.

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