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I have lived at the Carnaby Village Apt for over 2 years. I recently found a house in another city in Columbus, Ohio. My rental company has changed managers SEVERAL times since I lived there. I called the rental office to find out when my lease is up due to finding a home. I was told by the rental manager at that time (End of July 2010) that I was on a month to month lease term. I asked are you sure because I had signed something for a year and was told, NO at this time and with this new management, I am on a month to month bases and I am good to go, but give them a 30 day notice and she gave me my date. I did so, moved and now are being charged for 4 months at $755.00 each.
I again called and spoke with a live person there. She acted like the form I signed was not valid. The rental office did not have that on file. How can I resolve this?
Theresa Hodges RN


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