Barnhart MovingUnsolicited phone calls

I recently signed up online to receive information from local moving companies. Immediately they began calling me constantly. I cant take calls at work, so while i am there i answer, explain that i am at work and that i cannot talk, but they can try later and hang up. Most call later and i am able to talk to them about my upcoming move. Today i received a call from a number i didn't recognize while i was at work. i answered the call and was told it was richard barnhart from barnhart moving and he started into his whole pitch. I did as i always do and explained that i am at work and cannot take calls while i am here, but he can try me later. I then hung up. as soon as i put my phone down it said i had a missed call and a second later a voicemail. When i listened to it it was the same Mr. barnhart that i had just hung up with yelling at me saying i didn't have to hand up on him, he was cursing and called me a [censored]ing a**hole and was SOOO very unprofessional, especially for someone trying to get my business!!! Never again! I intend to report him to multiple websites to give people a heads up on the professionalism of this company! I don't know why this bothers me so much, but i was a bill collector i the past and i was never even this rude to people... let alone the fact that it is harassment!!!

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