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Barney's VAC " Sew / Do not use them

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Barney's Sew & Vac on Guadalupe Rd. in Mesa, Arizona used to be the best place to take your machines for repair. Mark was fabulous and very service oriented. Unfortunately he sold the business to a bunch of buffoons.

I dropped off my carpet cleaner in October - we had tried to clean the carpets and the spray nozzle wasn't working. Three weeks later we were calling to find out what was going on - we had heard nothing from the shop. We were told that he had been ill and he would look at as soon as he could. We ended up renting a machine to get the carpets done for the holidays. When I finally did get a call - they just told me it was done and come and get it - I called back to ask the cost and was told "$40 come and get it." When my husband went to retrieve the machine they couldn't find it, and asked if they had had it for more the 30 days - well YES but not by our choice. When they finally found it they weren't sure if it was completed or needed permission to be completed. My husband left empty handed.

A few more days pass and the decided that it had NOT been fixed and wanted permission to fix it and it was $80, not $40. My husband, more benevolent than I, told them to fix it. I called the shop and was instantly met with attitude about what was my problem and what did I expect them to do about it - they were going to fix it - nooowww. I demanded to know why they had told me it was completed a week earlier, after having waited 4-5 weeks prior to that. I was turned over to the manger - who told he didn't know what my problem was since it was plainly written on the tag that approval was needed. I asked him why it was my problem that his employees couldn't figure that out and what a disappointment they were compared to the previous owner of whom I was a very good customer. I was told to come and get my machine because no one in his shop would ever touch it, and to pick it up by 2:30 because he was closing early (another good business tactic).

Fearing they would damage my machine I immediately went to pick it up, It was sitting in the front of the store so I grabbed it and started to leave - the "manager" told me to take the tag too - to show he didn't charge me a service fee (as if I would have paid it) and then said " do us a favor and don't EVER come back" I told him not to worry about it it wouldn't be an issue.

The place I took it to found vinegar in the machine which I was told would and had killed my pump on the machine - so they were malicious and caused more repairs. Sun Valley Sew & Vac fixed the machine in 2 days (after New Years) and told me they had gotten several new customers due to the attitude and lack of customer service of these new owners. I will be writing a glowing review for them.

I delight in the knowledge that they will not be in business long.


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