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My husband and I went to Barnesburg with our friends for dinner and some adult beverages. My husband's took a drink from his draft beer and low and behold there was glass in the bottom of his glass. Not just a piece I'm talking several pieces.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Cincinnati, OH We told our waitress, which she asked if he wanted another, Helloooo - NO - the manager/owner, came over asked if we wanted another - If you just had glass found in your beer would u want another? All of us started looking into our glasses to make sure there wasn't any in ours - They didn't even comp the beer, which not even half of it was consumed. When we were leaving the manager/owner asked if we were comp'ed - said no and that we would never be back, he didn't even do anything - what any idiot - if that happened in my establishment I would be afraid of a law suit - then we walked out the back door and the railings were about to come off the steps - I highly recommend NOT going there! and their prices??? Very high!!!

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  • Ha
      Nov 07, 2008

    Sounds to me like they tried to make it right but you were too stubborn to accept. Accidents happen and things can get missed. I'm quite sure it was not on purpose. Glasses in a bar get stacked, moved, and cleaned on a VERY frequent basis.

    Besides, i've never heard of a restaurant that comps alcoholic beverages. Food maybe, but not beer. And as far as the railings... I've been there plenty of times and gone up and down the back steps and never had a problem.

    I'm a regular patron and while the above does not represent the bar very well the person is entitled to their opinion based on experience. We've all had one somewhere.

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