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bargain network, american leisure,home source, easy saver / unauthorized account charges

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I had taken a one month trial membership with bargain network for assistance in auto purchase. I was told that I could cancel my trial membership at anytime within this one month and I will not be charged a penny. They told me that they would mail me coupons and other details and charged around $1.94 for postage. Well, its been more than a month and I did not receive that postage. Anyway, I canceled my trail membership within the time limit and I was given a confirmation number. Later I was charged $40 from my account. I called bargain network and they told me that at the time of cancellation I authorized them to charge me a one-time annual payment which I did not do. Its not logical. Why would i authorize them to charge an annual fee when I was canceling my trail membership itself? This is absurd.
Worse than that a few days later I was charged by American Leisure, Easy Saver and Home Source of $19.80 each. I called each of these companies to cancel my membership. They told me that Bargain network had signed my up for all these companies when I had signed up with them. Bargain network is a fraud company as I know and I have filed for a claim for all the amount that comes to $100. I will fight till i get back my every hard earned penny back. Companies like bargain network must be dissolved and the illegal profits they have made must be given to all the customers who have been deceived.

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  • Ch
      8th of Jan, 2009
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    I had the same problem...Bargain Network needs to be sued! They deducted unauthorized cash from my checking account! If they can get away with stealing 40.00 from my account, who else can do the same thing? How many other people are they ripping off besides us? They are a scam company...I am not even in the market for a new home!

  • Ch
      8th of Jan, 2009
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    They ripped me off too!

  • Ch
      3rd of Feb, 2009
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    Please DON'T respond to the 800 number commercials on Radio & TV stations. They are ALL SCAMS in one way or another.

    Think about it, 70% of ALL SCAMS listed on Complaints Board, [redacted], My 3, iRipoff .com and others, STARTED with a 800 number commercial you saw on TV or heard on the Radio. Now, what does that tell you about the so-called "truth in advertising" belief that a lot of Americans think about Radio & TV stations and the companies that advertise on them??

    The other 30% of the SCAMS are related to the internet or spam emails. When are Americans going to wise up and quit being so GULLIBLE and TRUSTING?? You would think some of them were BORN YESTERDAY, so to speak. Babies & children have a good excuse for being gullible and trusting, but adults DO NOT have an excuse, what-so-ever, especially of strangers or "a voice on the phone".

    WISE UP AMERICA, YOUR WELL BEING DEPENDS ON IT. Why are we, as Americans, so damn stupid. It amazes me that some of these SCAMMERS are still breathing and living in their condos.

    If you MUST respond to these commercials, USE a RE-LOADABLE, DISPOSABLE credit card with only enough money on it to pay for your initial purchase, no more than $10 or $20.00 more. You can keep your loses at a minimum that way. If you have more, they will keep hitting your card to get more and then just try to get a refund.

    REMEMBER, the so-called "FREE TRIALS" are NOT free, they will charge you for 1 to 3 months supply of their CRAP, even BEFORE you get the free trial if you use a regular credit card. Quite often, it is very hard, if not impossible, to get the bogus charges removed.

    The Tax & Debt Reduction and Real Estate SCAMS for "pennies on the dollar" are especially cruel. The stories about them will break your heart. You WILL LOSE thousands of dollars on them, they are very convincing in their pitch to you. DO NOT believe ANY THING they Say, Claim, or Guarantee, above all, don't give your credit information.

    Google their names before you even call them. Check out their reviews.

    Please tell EVERYONE you know about these facts of life.

    This is Charlie and I'm on YOUR side.

  • Ir
      3rd of Feb, 2009
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    You guys just dont pay attention.

    bargain network works closely with the bbb, and nothing is done with your account information that you do not specifically authorize. that is illigal and its a federal offense to misuse payment information.

    now the calls are recorded for your protection as well as our.
    so ask them to play back your call, and you will hear your self authorizing this.
    everything is read verbatim, word for word from a script.

    no word is manipulated

    the only thing you should of been charged is just 1.95 for the shipping of the program. now the program is free for a 30 day trial, simply cancel with in the 30 day and you wont be charged the 39.80. (9.95/week)
    plus any unused weekly amounts are fully refundable

    bargain network has been in business for at least 14 yrs

    many people receive the program and simply throw it away not knowing what it is.

    in this case this is probably what you did.

    now money edge and the the rest of them are things you can accept, which you did.

    you dont have to take these.

    so dont blame bargain network for the things you accepted.
    you were supposed to have a pen and paper with you to write down some information.

    next time listen

  • Jo
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    your wrong, i order online bargain network and im not able to cancel my 7 day trial, they set a 1 800 to cancel that no operater picks up but there 1 800 number to accept your card they pick up real quick..
    only one door opens! it a flat out scam...full of fake home for sale just a gimmick

  • Le
      9th of Jul, 2009
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    Iro, you are just another one of those bargain network liars. I have heard your story on several other websites. I don't care how much you say it is the customers fault, the only one to blame is the people that are behind this ridiculous scam. How is it possible that every single person threw away the program in the mail? Its not, this whole scheme is designed to lure good trusting people in and give them no way out. When I tried to call back to cancel my account I was only re-directed to yet another 800 number. The only option i had left was to get a new card, so good luck charging me now. Don't fall for this one no matter what people like Iro say its all just designed to take your money behind your back.

  • Co
      2nd of Feb, 2011
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    /URL removed/

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