Bardi Toto / Rebuttal

1 14366 109th Ave NE, Kirkland, IL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 4254872698

I am writing a rebuttal the complaints about Bardi Toto and to tell of my experience. I hired her to teach me social media and to help with my marketing and branding on the Internet using a series of her videos and one on one contact with her via phone and in person. I found this extremely informative and I now feel that I understand what to do and I'm placing it into practise. I've been able to ask and have answered any questions that arise as I'm working to implement what she's taught me. I have no problem getting in touch with her and I would definitely recommend her to someone who wants to learn the social media scene. I really don't understand the complaints that have been filed, but then there are always nut bags and grief-ers who cause problems for others.

Sep 12, 2014

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