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Our expensive Barcalounger chair mechanisim fell apart after three years of gentle, adult use. Because the store where we bought it has gone out of business, I have experienced a futile search on the web trying to find someone within 100 from here to repair our recliner. The Barcalounger website is completely useless as has been the internet in obtaining any dealer or repair service. within 100 miles.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Grass Valley, CAWe just need Barcalounger to put the two bolts back inside the hinges where they fell out. Repairs will require taking leather upholstry apart and this is beyond what a lay person should attempt at home.
I'm not giving up. Barcalounger can run but I'll track them down eventually. Their miserable website does not contain any contact information, email address, physical address or any other information that would enable me to contact them in an attempt to obtain the needed repair.

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  • Ul
      Mar 02, 2012

    Many furniture manufacturers have gone out of business in recent years, including Barcalounger, and are unable to honor warranties on their products.

    Some of the Barcalounger mechs were manufactured by Ultra-Mek, Inc. in Denton, NC. If you are still having issues with your recliner and have been unable to find a solution so far, please email pictures of your mechanism and pictures of any attached labels (such as a CAUTION label or MADE IN USA, for example) to [protected] and include a description of your problem.

    If it turns out that this is a mechanism that Ultra-Mek manufactured, we would be in contact with you to make arrangements for repair. Once the broken mechanism has been removed from the furniture, you would need to ship it to us and include a prepaid return label so that we can ship it back, but we will repair the mechanism free of charge. Please note that we are only able to handle the steel mechanism itself and cannot remove or install components from recliners or other furniture items. This will need to be done before the mechanism is shipped to us or we will not be able to complete the repair.

    Alternately, if there are specific parts that you need to purchase to restore functionality to your furniture mechanism, we have a wide variety of replacement parts that we can offer for sale. Please contact us at [protected] so that we can discuss whether or not we can be of assistance.

    Thank you,
    Ultra-Mek, Inc.
    Denton, NC

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  • Je
      Dec 02, 2012

    My name is Jeff Wheeler from Portland, Oregon. I purchased two barcolounger chairs in 2003. The mechanisms that move the foot rests in and out do not work properly any more. Please see attached pictures for evidence of the malfunctioning hardware and pictures of the hardware that has been removed from one of the chairs. If this is ultra-mek hardware, I would like the hardware either repaired or replaced so they function properly and the footrests lays properly both when extended and retracted.

    I can be reached at the following email address: [protected] or phone number [protected]. Thank you.

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