Barca Funddoesn't seem to be legit

I think that information on the website should be clear and easily understood, everything should be explained in details, so no one could have extra questions.
Unfortunately, companies are always in a rush and don't think about it at all. They want to launch a website as soon as possible to start getting money.
Well, Barca Fund is one of them.
They have the FAQ section on the website with vague answers with no specifics. For example. What's their location? They say: we are based offshore for preferential profit retention. Great.
What are their fees? They say: fees are on profits only (amount?). And all that sort of thing.
Partners and investors are questionable.Some of them don't even operate, some links are broken. It's nice that Barca Fund "cared' of the website so that it looks like a scam.

Dec 05, 2018

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