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Baranstone / Scam run by steo keating from the gold coast

Australia, Queensland, Gold Coast Review updated:
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Gold Coast
Baranstone was on of Steo Keating now calling himself Steo ceitinn's scams run from the gold Coast with his organised crime gang which includes Sean O'Dalaigh (now calling himself John Daly) and Steo's brother in law Anthony Hartnett.
These Irish criminals ran many scams from the gold Coast and were never prosecuted because of the corrupt Queensland fraud Squad.
Evidence is now coming out of police protection of organised crime syndicates on the Gold Coast.
Every Queensland Politician has known of this for at least 2 years and they have done very little.
The Queensland office of Fair trading had thousnads of complaints about these types of ongoing and very obvious scams and they did absolutely nothing. Rumour is they also are being investigated for covering up organised crime gangs crimes.
These scams ran very openly on the Gold coast - the criminals openly bragged about being protected and the scams will amount to several hundred million dollars.
A Royal Commission into the Queensland Police is obviously necessary - the same police are running the fraud squad as was there for the last decade. They are either corrupt or grossly incompetent and should be sacked immediately - but they obviously have enough information on who is really involved to stay in their jobs. BLOODY DISGRACEFUL


Jun 14, 2015


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A  6th of Jul, 2015 by 
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Baranstone, KPI Capital, Apple Investments, Apple Solar, Cleaner Energy, AIC International, Synergy Financials, Princept trading, LTC Services, Sansar, S-Connect, Stonekey, Sage Group the list of scams run or organised by Steo Keating (Steo Ceitinn) and his friends Aaron Murray, Sean O'Dalaigh, Karen and Anthony Hartnett, James Bradley and many more of the Irish criminal Organised Crime gang from the Gold Coast.
N  29th of Jan, 2017 by 
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@Mark Sutter James Bradley was not the instigator of these scams although he was involved in several of the companies.
Sincere apologies to james Bradley for the comments.
N  6th of Jul, 2015 by 
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And a bit more info on these ### including proof of fraud - the directors named are fake names - FRAUD.
Lawrence Quade is a fake name - FRAUD
Daniel Archer is a fake name - FRAUD - we even have emails from this fraudulent name
James Bradley currently running a scam in the USA denies any knowledge of scams- see his facebook page - James Bradley and the criminal Stephen Keating or Stephen ceitinn (his new fake name)
How many scams will the corrupt Queensland Fraud Squad allow these organised crime gangs run - seems they operate very openly on the Gold Coast - should ask Brian Hay head of the fraud squad why he has ignored them for a decade.

N  29th of Jan, 2017 by 
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@Mark Sutter James Bradley was not the perpetrator of the scams and even though he was involved it appears he was not the instigator of the scams. Sincere apologies to James bradley for the comments.
N  13th of Jul, 2015 by 
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Any information on the criminals named above please send to gparker@hmamail.com
We have a lot of information already but you may have some information on these criminals that we don't have.
No need to put your name to it - 100% anonymous - use www.gmx.com to set up a fake email account - untraceable.
We were threatened by these low life ### and the Queensland fraud Squad passed on confidential information to Keating and his gang of organised criminals - we guarantee anonymity - don't tell us who you are unless you are happy to.

N  28th of Feb, 2016 by 
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More information - James Bradley has recently been exposed as running a scam in the US called US invest.
James Bradley the director of scams Baranstone and Globalsoft and tied up with Stephen Keating in Apple investments, Tradesmart technologies, Cleaner Energy, KPI, AIC International, Synergy Financials, Aussoft, Reveera and at least 20 other well known scams.
Keating is currently before the courts for Oragnsied Crime - Bradley is on the run and hiding like the coward he is. Check out the Irish Boys Queensland to see the scams these ### ran - keating worked with all of them - Keating, the Eats brothers and Mckenny - all Irish filth.
Bradley likes to threaten people who expose him - but once the truth starts to come out he runs away and hides like the coward he is.
Plenty of information on James Bradley.
He will be bought to justice for the hundreds if not thousands of people he has scammed.
This man is EVIL

N  29th of Jan, 2017 by 
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James Bradley was not the perpetrator of the scams and appears to have been caught up in companies he was involved in being turned into scams by others.
The post above is totally incorrect and apologies to James Bradley for the post.

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