Banner / I was scammed out of $46.97

Lexington, KY, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1-859-270-3066

First, I was scammed by Mike T. Glaspie and when He took $61.87 out of my account for what was supposed to be free and he offered a free laptop for those who went to his website. Also, after I gave him my credit card info, he signed me up for something I knew nothing about, until I saw another charge to my credit card for Banner in amount of $21.97 on [protected]. I did not authorize him to sign me up for anything, and as soon as I saw what was happening I contacted him via email to cancel anything with him or anyone else involved in his scam. He refunded my $61.87 for Profitmatic, but I still have not received a credit from Banner Co-opand now I got another charge to my card for $25.00 from Banner Co-op. I want them to credit my account $46.97, and stop charging anything to my account. I did not and am not authorizing him or them or anyone else they are associated with, to take anymore money from me, and they need to get rid of my financial and personal information of any type they have on me. All I want is my money $46.97 from them along with some sort of assurance they will not charge anything to my account no w or ever. Please credit my account TODAY or I will turn this over to my attorney who is standing by, to get what they owe and more if necessary to get my money back. Reply asap by close of business today or I will go after you with everything I can and will get from them, if theI will also place ads in all the newspapers in United States and abroad if I have to, to get my money.y do not credit my account asap.

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