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Bankcard Empire AKA Edgemont Productions / fraud

1 Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:

There are several of us trying to put together a class action law suit
against Bankcard Empire & AKA's they use- if we can find a lawyer
to handle it on a contingency basis.
We are also going to do all we can to put these frauds out of business,
they have ripped off enough people.
The more people we have the better chance we have of being successful.
Call me or email me if you are interested.
Alan Bowker

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  • Sc
      18th of May, 2009
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    /URL removed/

  • Ke
      14th of Jul, 2009
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    if you need inside help call me. I work for those liars up until last Thursday 07.01.09 . you can reach me at
    I witness 1 whole year on how they stole for people all over this God fearing country. i have statements & memo's and scripts stating how to ripp off the consumers.

  • Ra
      27th of Jul, 2009
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    This is to inform anyone who is interested in this person's posts towards Bankcard Empire that JIM BURG...also known as Kevin O Brien, also known as Moses Henri...also known as Moses Patterson host of various aliases at no time worked for Bankcard Empire and was actually a person who has been making threats as a disgruntled employee due to what he felt is commissions due to him by a third party licensee marketing room. Mr Henri has made accusations sa ying he has bogus sales scripts, sensitive customer information and sales invoices however, he has produced nothing to date to prove these allegations to Bankcard Empire. We were very interested in what he had to say but did not present anything that he CLAIMED he had to date. Instead he chose to write farfetched accusations and acted as though he worked for Bankcard Empire and felt we owed him some form of compensation. Bankcard Empire wants to make it very clear that anyone in these forums who claims to have had a fraudulent experience with Bankcard Empire will be held liable and to date we have sent many liable letters to the persons listed on this forum. Some were smart enough to respond before being served. Thank You to the clients who took he time to let us hear them out and work with them and they have made their retractions. It is not our intent to send out liable letters but if a client will not cooperate and choses to make malicious posts towards Bankcard Empire, then we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. We will be providing a list of law suits and their respective case numbers for public view along with a history of what each client who chose not to cooperate with us was offered to help them. Bankcard Empire is the merchant services provider and not a sales marketing firm selling marketing tools which are offered by third party marketing offices who sell the home based business opportunity to be an affiliate of Bankcard Empire. Anyone who has received a letter from our company and has not responded or made their retractions of statements made towards Bankcard Empire is strongly recommended to do so. If 5 business days passes and we have heard nothing from you, we will move to the next phase of our process which is filing suit and holding any individual accountable for statements made towards BANKCARD EMPIRE. You can call us directly at 602-489-7200 ex 232 or 217 to let us know how we can help you or what specifically you want Bankcard Empire to help you with. Be prepared to give your full information and Customer ID number for verification due to the bogus comments and fake names posted in these forums .

  • Ba
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    Bankcard Empire takes the position negative postings which contain patently false statements give rise to a cause of action for defamation pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes, §12-541. You have posted libelous statements against Bankcard Empire and need to take immediate steps to retract your statements or remove the post all together.

    Make no mistake, failure to retract or remove a negative posting will result in legal action against you for special and exemplary damages as authorized by Arizona Revised Statutes, §§ 12-653.02, 12-653.03. Bankcard Empire will pursue the above legal remedies in addition to all other relief and seek a judgment against you in a court of law.

    Be careful what you post. False and reckless statements which damage an individual or company’s reputation are not protected by the First Amendment. Bankcard Empire is ready to prove that it values its reputation and will do what’s necessary to protect it.

    Contact our Pre-Litigation Department either by email at or (602) 489-7200 extension 217 or 232, if you want to discuss the resolution process. If you’re an affiliate, provide us with your full name and customer ID number.

  • Si
      6th of Mar, 2010
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    Edgemont Productions is not a licensed, registered business in the state of Arizona. How can an unlicensed company place charges to your credit card and send out invoices stating the same, with signatures that are obviously a trace of the "affiliates" signature on the only document they signed "the agreement with Bankcard Empire to become an affiliate".

    Anyone who has a charge on their credit card that says "Edgemont Productions" needs to call their credit card company, tell them that they are not licensed to do business in Arizona. If your credit card company has a problem with this, direct them to and look up "Edgemont Productions". That name is not "taken" by anyone as a business name in Arizona.

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