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Bankcard Empire/AIG Promotions / Home base business investment scam

1 AZ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 888-440-3650

They called me because I showed interest in a home base business with another company and somehow they got my information. They called and said that it would cost $245.00, that was completely refundable, to get started with a packet and an advertising coach would be in contact with me to help me on my to making money. I purchased the packet and then they sent me to a recording to confirm that I agreed with the deal and when the lady asked me the questions to make sure I understood there were things brought up in that that were never introduced such order to be refunded I had to advertise at least once and I would be responsible for the $19.99 monthly for 1 year. It all happened so fast and I had already given them my credit card information so I agreed. The advertising coach called and his name was Mathew Mordini. He told me what money I could make and asked me what my credit situation was like and then told me that I had to spend $10, 000 to buy call blasts and email blasts that I was guaranteed to make my money back and start turning a profit. They never discussed what the business was all about he just wanted to take my card #. I've had 3 phone calls to my cell phone within the past 24 hours from these people and all I'm asking from them is proof of their business success that they say is guaranteed profit from my investment, but they won't show me a guarantee and they don't have any testimonials to share. It's all a bunch of crap. They don't care about your concerns or what you would like to know before making a decision like this all they care about is getting your money. They are rude and demeaning over the phone and I want see them go down.

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  • Go
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    I mirror the comments.
    I got a business interested, and they called.
    They liked what they heard, but needed to wait. they tried to give my ID number and where told "unless you Buy, we don't need it."!! My lead was not Happy!

    When I singed up, they said nothing about call blast.
    Acording to them, it is my fault for not making money because I did not pay for Call Blast!!

  • Vp
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    I just talked to a man from this company about 30 minutes ago. I told him that I never make instant decisions. I also told him that I check out every company on [redacted] I was still talking and he hung up on me. RED LIGHT. I certainly DO NOT TRUST ANYONE without first checking them out. When they try to PRESSURE SALE you, it's time to hang up. Please heed my warning and save yourself a lot of money.

  • Je
      29th of Nov, 2008
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    Hi I am an affiliate of Bankcard Empire and I have had much success. I have only been an affiliate for 5 months, work four hours a week, and have so far made 2000.00 Just in equipment revenue. That means out of the 300 or so business contacted buy phone or through sending the post cards they sent me, I generated four successful referrals for there company! I did not even have to sell anything. When I go out ask people if they are happy with there credit card processing Company. Most of the time they say "I don't know anything about it" So I ask to talk to the owner or the manger. If they are not available I get the business card and get a hold of them by phone. I ask these person. "What if could tell you that Bankcard empire can bet or meet you current processing rates." Right there they listen because you are telling them you can save them money. Then I get there info and put it on my website and bankcard empire calls them and closes the deal.

    I am laughing at these post because what have you done to try and make money? Did you think when you signed up that after you paid your sign up fee that money would fall on your lap? 0 effort in a business brings $0.00. I have also had the "Coaches" call me and say that if you pay 10, 000 dollars you will get phone blast and email blast but I said "No thanks I am doing my advertising on my own and do not need extra advertising at this time." No one so far has been rude to me there but I am not asking for a refund because I bought into this business to MAKE MONEY and work the business to do so. I also knew from when I gave them my credit card number that I could get my money back if I advertised just once a month for 12 months and did not make any money. They were very clear about there 12 month guarantee and very clear that once they processed my card that is the only way to get the sign up fee back.
    So far I have only made 2000.00 and I get residual checks every month because I get 1/2 of the machines processing fee for every purchase through the machine. It has been a nice little side income. I have put little effort into it and still have made money. I am going to step it up and add 2 more hours a week and see how much more I can make.
    Before I even became an affiliate I looked up everything about the company because do not just give out my credit card number over the phone I like to know what I am buying. I saw the [redacted] stuff about them. But I also looked up other business on there and every business I typed in came up. I thought that was interesting so I got information about the owner of [redacted] and he is wanted criminal and he himself has a scam going. He has another site that you can get your businesses name off [redacted] for a "fee" To me that is a scam.
    This program does work if you put a small amount of time into it. In the time it took me to write this post I could have produced several referrals that could have made me money so I am going to go!

  • Br
      15th of Dec, 2008
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    My mentally disabled friend was recently ripped off for over $5, 000. They won't even respond to her written request for a refund other than try to tell her how it is great, have missed multiple appointments to discuss a refund and will not refund anything.

    Who are they?
    These guys are doing business under a lot of different names, but they all come back to one thing - they are trying to rip you off:
    Bank Card Empire
    Ultimate Business Solutions
    AIG Promotions
    HBO Media
    Edgemont Productions

    #1 Evidence that they are a SCAM

    First of all let's think about their offer. They want you to be an affiliate to refer people to sell their merchant account products. Take a look around at affiliate programs out there. The legitimate ones don't charge you $500 for the opportunity of referring people to them. That is ridiculous and should warn you right away that something is wrong. The website that they are selling you is a replicated website which means it is useless in the search engines and is just a copy of the same thing they give everyone else - they call it 'your' website but it is just their website with your affiliate ID. Legitimate affiliate programs don't charge you to link to their website as an affiliate.

    Second they will try to convince you to pay them to market their own product for you. Does that make any sense at all??? If they were making money by marketing their product why would they cut you in? They wouldn't!!

    Here's an example. Let's say I have a business selling merchant accounts. And I make phone calls on the telephone to sell my product. Let's say I make an average of $3 per call. Would I turn around and tell you I would call those people on your behalf for $2 per call? Of course not! I would want to keep the $3, not share it with you. However let's say I make less than $2 per call - say $0 per call. In that case I would sell that to you all day. Think about it! Them charging you for them to do their marketing for their company is obviously wrong. If they were making money on those leads why would they sell them to you instead of use them themselves? The obvious answer is that they aren't making money on those leads and they know perfectly well that you won't either! (Of course once it a while someone will make money, but the VAST majority will lose money.)

    When I called in they told me that if I spent $5, 000 that I would make $2, 000 per month forever and would turn a profit on the original $5, 000 within 2-3 months. This is FRAUD. They know perfectly well that this won't happen. If it did, they would spend their OWN $5, 000 and not MY $5, 000 to turn their own profit in 2-3 months. Ask them what percentage of people who buy make a profit. Either they will lie to you or they will deflect the question or say they don't know. (They could know - they just don't want to know.) My guess is that it is well under 1% of those who sign up who make money.

    Look around online. You will see a LOT of evidence that A) People aren't making money, B) they won't give you a refund.

    Here's how they work:
    They get your name as a lead from somewhere indicating that you want to own a business or make money from home. They have several reseller companies some of which as far as I can tell are Universal Business Solutions, AIG Promotions, Edgemont Productions, etc. I couldn't figure out for sure how they all fit together but you can know you are part of this same scam if you hear any of those names. Unfortunately, eventually they will change their names to something else because of all of the bad press.

    The bottom line is that their REAL business is not selling merchant accounts, their real business is selling their SCAM to you.

    Other things of interest:
    Bank Card Empire currently has an Unsatisfactory report with the Better Business Bureau and has 76 complaints! That is a lot of complaints for a small company! According to the BBB the business owners of the company are:
    Mr. Michael Malkin, Secretary / Treasurer
    Ms. Danielle Ashrafi, Director / VP of Agent Relations
    Mr. David Mersky, President
    Mr. David Weaver, Vice President

    They currently have 2 lawsuits pending - 1 in MI and 1 in AZ filed against them - both for fraud. (From what I can tell the principle owners seem to live in MI but the company is based in AZ - there is also some indication that they are based in Houston, TX).

    Look around on the web - there are lots of other sites with complaints about them other than just [redacted].

    So if you haven't bought yet - DON'T. Hopefully you are one of those wise enough to do a little research and realize this is a really bad idea.

    #2 If you have been taken in, what can you do to fight them?

    So let's say you have bought and realize that you made a big mistake. Whatever you do don't just be intimidated and walk away. That is what they are counting on you doing!!! They call it breakage and make a lot of their money because people are just passive and scared and don't do anything when they get ripped off. You need to do something. If not for yourself, then for the thousands and thousands of other people who they are ripping off. (I got involved with investigating them because they ripped off my neighbor who is mentally disabled and living in poverty and still they won't refund her.)

    Here are things that generally work and don't work:


    1) File a chargeback through your credit card or credit cards that you purchased with. This is the #1 most important thing to do. First it means you might get your money back. Second, it HURTS THEM. You see the bank that provides their merchant account watches to see how high of a risk they are. The more chargebacks they get (whether you win the chargeback or not) the higher risk the bank considers them. If they get enough chargebacks, eventually the bank will freeze their money, stop doing business with them and possibly even puts them on something called the TMF making it almost impossible for them to get a merchant account anywhere. The bank will take a reserve out on them depending on how many chargebacks they get - hurting their cashflow and ability to scam more people. Also if they get more than 100 chargebacks in a month they get on the watch list with Visa & Mastercard - something VERY expensive for them. If you have Discover make sure that Discover knows what they are all about and they will probably eventually take away their Discover account completely - Discover is aggressively avoiding merchanting these type of companies.

    By chargeback I mean call your bank that you have your credit card through and ask to chargeback (get your money back) - have them use the reason code not as described because they promised you income you didn't receive. Or if they charged you more money than they told you they would, charge back using the fraud reason code. (Mostly explain to the person at the bank the details of how you were ripped off and they will help you out. If one rep isn't helpful try another until you find one that is sympathetic to you.)

    2) If they fight your chargeback and win, chargeback again! This is super important. First, you have a better chance to win the 2nd chargeback than the 1st. Second, it counts against them twice!! So their bank looks at them as being twice the risk - if they got you for $5, 000 and you chargeback twice the bank looks at it as $10, 000 in chargebacks so you get to do double the damage! Eventually they will have to stop fighting chargebacks because if they don't they will lose their merchant account.

    3) File a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General Consumer Protection division. The Attorney General's office is the one legal entity that can get to these guys - they have the ability to fine them, shut them down, and even put them in jail. It's their job. You can search online and find the website and file a complaint right online. Be sure to have as much evidence as possible of fraud. What is most important is to provide as much documentation as possible as to how they Misrepresented what they sold you - things like they told you that you would make money in a certain time-frame and then you didn't. In any case, file the complaint. The attorney general's office will pay attention to the volume of complaints - the more complaints they get the more aggressively they will go after them.

    4) File a complaint with the Attorney General's Office / Consumer Protection Agency in your state. Most states won't do much but some states have very strict telemarketing laws that they will go after them for. If you live in Kansas definitely file with your state, because they probably aren't in compliance with the 7 day written right to refund.

    5) File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This makes their count of complaints go up at the BBB. It also takes them hours to respond to the complaint. Once the complaint is closed with the BBB (the BBB won't actually do anything) refile the complaint with more information. Once that closes refile again and again until the BBB won't refile it. Each time you do this, they have to spend a bunch of time responding to it and the BBB complaint count goes up.

    6) Post on places like [redacted] and other similar websites on the Internet. Be heard and tell your story. You may provide evidence for lawsuits - you will definitely hurt their reputation causing other people to not buy from them and to get their money back.

    7) Be persistent on the phone with them. Every time you call in and argue with them about a refund you are costing them money. Don't give up. They have everything to lose. Not everyone at their company is dishonest, perhaps we can convince some of them to go find a job working for an honest company. You have nothing to lose - they already have your money.

    8) Be creative. There are probably a lot of other things you can do that are perfectly honest and legitimate that will cost them money to keep your money that they should be returning to you.

    Things that aren't all that effective.

    1) Going to a lawyer or threatening them with a lawyer (unless you have a brother or uncle that will do it for free.) Let's face it - you probably don't have a spare $20, 000 for the first round of taking them to court.

    2) Going to the FBI, FCC or FTC. It's not what they do.

  • Br
      15th of Dec, 2008
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    You can tell that people like "Jessica" are employees of the company.

    Did you notice that when the salesman calls the pitch is "You don't have to do anything, we will do all the work for you?"

    And yet all these fake posts on the website are did you expect to make money without working. Well, you need to get your sales pitch consistent with your fake posts people - If you sell that you don't have to do anything to make money, your fake post needs to at least be consistent with your fraudulent sales call people!

  • Wo
      5th of Feb, 2009
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  • Mi
      10th of Feb, 2009
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    they have 100000 dollars of my money and i dont have 1 red cent to show for it

  • Mi
      10th of Feb, 2009
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    i think this stings my creid card is macks out because of thim and i havent made a penny in fore months

  • Mi
      10th of Feb, 2009
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    they stink

  • D5
      11th of Feb, 2009
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    The first thing I asked the lady was how much, in total, was it going to cost me. She said $499.00. I told her I only had $150.00, so she said that would be good enough if I promised to promote the company after I made my first $4, 000.00. I agreed.

    After probably 72 hours, she calls back and said I had to have a web site and pay $19.95 a month for that. And someone, Joe Smith I believe, would be calling me the next day at noon (he was going to milk me for as much money as possible). She said I had to spend money on advertising if I expected to make money. And I must have told her I was married becuase she asked me who in the family was responsible for making money decisions, me or my wife. And that my wife needed to be available for the call the next day at noon.

    I was upset. I told her, you said $150 was all I needed upfront and now you say I need to buy advertisment. You knew I was short on money. And this has nothing to do with my wife. I am very upset. I am going to hang up now.

    Well, Mr. Smith didn't call the next day, or ever. I received a pamplet with 2 dvd's, a few generic business cards without my name on them. I assume Mr. Smith figured it was not worth has time.

    But this is not the first time I have been screwed. And we are being screwed or they would be upfront about EVERYTHING!!! When I thing about everything she said the first time I called, every sentence had a purpose and many things were white lies.
    I just write a letter to the attorney general in the state where this business operates.

    Did anyone go to the and enter They are not a member of BBB, but becuase of the wide variety of unresolved compliants and BBB's new grading system, this company gets a big old F. So you people who are making a little money from them are putting in a lot of hours, I would say it's like a full-time job and maybe you are making $15-20K/year. So, whatever floats your boat. The company is making a mink off you and me. Until I get mine back, again...

  • D5
      11th of Feb, 2009
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    Company is a rip-off! Contact AZ attorney General and state your case. Get Refund in about two months!
    David Waddle

  • Mi
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    Oh buddy! so I'm offered the opportunity of a life time thing morning. I was the sucker who fronted the 400.00 to the company before actually doing research. not smart. so today I get the call from their top notch sales associate who's going to make everything better, make my life easier, and just make all the bad go away.

    He tempted me with the "Ruby" package, and practically guaranteed results in a few short months. I smelled scheme at the beginning. At the first sign of resistance on my end, he got huffy and rude. I just laughed. I really was just being sincere and asking, "So what exactly does the business do" he replied with some automated response that was probably on his computer screen, or in his hello kitty training note book. I told him to quit his ramble of number crushing, and regurgitating the same random numbers over and over again. he got really steamed after. he said "Well this covers the business fee, and bla bla bla, go ahead and try joining a gym without paying a fee" I told him. see, you should have gone to a better business school. apples to oranges. after you pay the gym fee, they let you go in and use their equipment, it's tangible, it's there, you're getting what you pay for. you're "fee" is guaranteed funds that the people you scam are giving to you, with a minuscule chance to return a slight profit. The way I see it, they're scamming people for money, so they can advertise their business to the world and collect something minor back, probably enough to keep the lights on and phones running.

    In all fairness, with regulations to government and so on, they're existing as a business thus far. but they're not telling you the truth. ask for the truth they try to get aggressive, and a cocky righteous indignant tone. before I got off the phone with the genius, (Take into account I really am a sweet person.) I first asked him is he sells ### by the scoop, or the pound. after the silence I told him, this is why I didn't go through with business school, and you have reaffirmed my mission to this day that business is only a ploy in cases to screw good people over. and that's what they do best. so good for them.

    Oh P.S. he called me right back and said I didn't know who I was dealing with, and that hes putting no refund on my account, and thanks for the donation.

    P.P.S. I called my bank, 10 min, charge back, and filed report on the company to the AZ attorney's office, and on better business bureau. Apparently he didn't know who HE was dealing with. lol lol lol I got my money back!!! piss off bank card empire!!

  • Bo
      26th of Apr, 2009
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    Mentally disabled people losing 5 grand on a credit card> WOW! People spending money and it "happened so fast!" WOW AGAIN! Did someone reach through the phone and TWIST YOUR ARM or MOVE YOUR LIPS to give your information? Why is it that the people who CRY THE LOUDEST DO THE LEAST when it comes to home based businesses? Continue to make excuses in life for your failures and continue to DO NOTHING! This company has First Class Training and coaching IF you want to give it a go! I saw a nice infomercial type tour of their facilities and watched three different training videos. Did anyone look at their website? I just watched a video where this company GIVES BACK TO THE COMMUNITY every quarter to great non profit causes. There is a press room section right on their homepage! Take a look a ththeir YOU TUBE channel But here is the issue folks...I dont see a single complaint against Bankcard Empire for what they REALLY do which is processing!. You better look a little closer at what you bought. Bankcard Empire is the CREDIT CARD PROCESSING COMPANY. They do NOT sell all the marketing tools to help a person get their home based business off the ground. While people on here claim to call them a rip off and say they shouldnt charge to be an affiliate...let me ask you this..what FREE AFFILIATE program pays you $500 Per leased machine? It is pure genius that a processing company lets the public generate WARM LEADS and then DO ALL THE SELLING and SIGNING UP and LEASING OF MACHINES then PAY THE AFFILIATE the BIG COMMISSIONS just for submitting a lead and letting them go to work. And as far as the "start up fee"..YOU GET THAT BACK AFTER YOUR FIRST SALE! As they told me..IT ONLY TAKES ONE. If you cant get ONE Customer then you are just a lazy person who should just work an hourly job and never amount to anything.IF you spent thousands of dollars for marketing programs, why are you on here COMPLAINING about it? Why aren't you gettting off your ### and following their excellent training program and FULL SUPPORT. I think it is funny how people complain yet BANKCARD EMPIRE sends out all their business information and training packets for FREE after another company markets for them. The last time I checked, you cant mail packages for free. So a start up fee is more than fair. They did MILLIONS of DOLLARS in transactions last year alone. Do you really think FEDERALLY REGULATED BANKS and Visa or MAstercard would allow a "fraudulant" company to do business with them? You bought a biz op to be able to market merchant accounts and the processor is Bankcard Empire. There are even FRAUDULENT companies out there saying they are "related" to Bankcard Empire trying to sell you marketing products. BEWARE. The easiest way to check out who they are is contacting Bankcard Empire and finding out if the people who contacted you are a legitmate THIRD PARTY Licensed Office. Get this "lynch mob" attitude out of your head and get some customers. Pretty simple fix if you ask me. Its one thing to be unhappy with something you purchased, but it is another to make derogatory remarks about a company which you didnt buy anything from. You bought a biz op from a marketing company and Bankcard Empire is the processing company. Just like whwn I buy something off the Television when I watch an infomercial. If I had a problem, I owuld most likely talk tot he company of the product I bought, but the problem arent buying anything from BANKCARD EMPIRE. I am sure Bankcard Empire will not allow people to defame them but I do know that they will bend over backwards to help you get customers...why? Because it is a total benefit to them. MAKES COMPLETE SENSE TO ME!

  • Da
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    Well Bob I hope you are right.

    It is hard to tell who your talking to. It is the marketing company that gets the money while Bankcard Empire is the processing company. Maybe next everyone should say HSBC is scamming them because they back the financing to fund the credit card accounts. May Visa and Mastercard are behind the scam.

    You do not have to buy the advertising. Get out there and sell an account. This will let you know what the rewards will be.

    So far it looks pretty good to me so I'm going with it and see what happens. If I sell one account I got my money back and gained tons of confidence. Then I might consider investing in advertising with any advertising company I choose. Maybe the people who called me and maybe not.

    If I sell an account and get my $250 back then I know it's not what everyone is saying. The price you pay up front is obviously not a set price. They will get whatever they can, but your in the same boat as people who paid $95. If you paid $500 then you should have more determination to make this work. Then everyone makes more money.

  • Ai
      3rd of May, 2009
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    Anyone who has had a problem with AIG Promotions please contact me, I was screwed over by them too and I need a group of people that are willing to tell their story. They need to stop doing business and I would like your help, please:

    (303) 586-6752

  • Ke
      6th of Jun, 2009
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    To Mr. Bob Greer:

    It would be absolutely terrific if you even started to have your facts straight. Those supposed marketing, advertising and sales units are actually LLCs. Further for your information Davidan Corporation, d/b/a Bankcardempire, AIG Promotions, LLC, Erik D. Bevins, aka ErikD. Kartus, aka Erik D. Anderson, Mike Martin, Michael Malkin sec/treas of Bankcardempire, David Mersky Pres of Bankcardempire, Ray Quiban, Marta Quiban, John and Jane Does 1-20 had a law suit case type: Fraud/other filed against them on 11-10-2008 in Minnesota Forth Judicial District. Further this case was settled out of court and it is my understanding to the satisfaction of the plaintiff Audrey G Lazarus a disabled person. Wonderful group of people you are bragging on. FYI a general or principle company is alwasy responsible for the fraudulent deeds of its subordinates. As Walter Kronkite used to say "that is the way it is". So please brag somemore.

  • Ke
      6th of Jun, 2009
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    FYI the case number is 0:08-cv-05953

  • Ki
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    How can I find out who sold them my name and phone number? Those people also need to be reamed for dealing with this company.

  • Ra
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    As Ecommerce Director of Bankcard Empire, it is my duty to track and monitor ANY type of comment or complaint found on the web and respond to it accordingly. This is to serve notice to anyone who has issues with anything they have purchased, that we are attempting to contact you and try and resolve ANY issues which you may have or feel you were unfairly treated. It is not our goal to send out Liable Letters to individuals who are making defaming remarks about our company but moreso to work with them to HELP and SATISFY each person as they make themselves available to be contacted. Unfortunately, this forum does not provide adequate information for us to pull a file if indeed you are a legitimate client of Bankcard Empire.We will attempt to make contact via the email that is provided here. All others are asked to contact us at 602-489-7200 ext 232 at BCE Corporate Headquarters. It is one thing to be unhappy about something that was purchased, but it is another to make derogatory or defaming remarks towards a company and post it in a public forum. We take all matters very seriously and hope that you will contact us with your FULL INFORMATION as to who you are and your ID number so we can assist you in resolving the matters at hand.

  • Ra
      27th of Jul, 2009
    -1 Votes

    This is to inform anyone who is interested in this person's posts towards Bankcard Empire that JIM BURG...also known as Kevin O Brien, also known as Moses Henri...also known as Moses Patterson host of various aliases at no time worked for Bankcard Empire and was actually a person who has been making threats as a disgruntled employee due to what he felt is commissions due to him by a third party licensee marketing room. Mr Henri has made accusations sa ying he has bogus sales scripts, sensitive customer information and sales invoices however, he has produced nothing to date to prove these allegations to Bankcard Empire. We were very interested in what he had to say but did not present anything that he CLAIMED he had to date. Instead he chose to write farfetched accusations and acted as though he worked for Bankcard Empire and felt we owed him some form of compensation. Bankcard Empire wants to make it very clear that anyone in these forums who claims to have had a fraudulent experience with Bankcard Empire will be held liable and to date we have sent many liable letters to the persons listed on this forum. Some were smart enough to respond before being served. Thank You to the clients who took he time to let us hear them out and work with them and they have made their retractions. It is not our intent to send out liable letters but if a client will not cooperate and choses to make malicious posts towards Bankcard Empire, then we will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. We will be providing a list of law suits and their respective case numbers for public view along with a history of what each client who chose not to cooperate with us was offered to help them. Bankcard Empire is the merchant services provider and not a sales marketing firm selling marketing tools which are offered by third party marketing offices who sell the home based business opportunity to be an affiliate of Bankcard Empire. Anyone who has received a letter from our company and has not responded or made their retractions of statements made towards Bankcard Empire is strongly recommended to do so. If 5 business days passes and we have heard nothing from you, we will move to the next phase of our process which is filing suit and holding any individual accountable for statements made towards BANKCARD EMPIRE. You can call us directly at 602-489-7200 ex 232 or 217 to let us know how we can help you or what specifically you want Bankcard Empire to help you with. Be prepared to give your full information and Customer ID number for verification due to the bogus comments and fake names posted in these forums .

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