Bank Overdrafts / Overdrafts

1 MI, United States

TCF and other banks in Michigan are deliberately batching their charges so that they maximize their overdraft fees. I had a debit account with $100 in it. I had 4 transactions in the same day in the following order. $20, $30, $35, and $90. The bank paid them all and charged me 3 overdraft fees. I questioned them about it and they said that after the $90 debit, the remaining 3 transactions were OVERDRAFT. When I explained that there should have only been 1 overdraft fee since the 1st 3 transactions of $20, $30 and $35 happened before the $90 transaction and only tapped $85 of the available $100. I then happened to speak to a lawyer that told me that there is a lawsuit against many banks for utilizing special computer programming to process the transactions from largest to smallest in order to maximize overdraft fees. You can put your 2 cents in by sending an e-mail to attorney Alyson Oliver at [protected]

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