Bank of TaiwanIt is hard to get IC card reader

The Bank declares customers can get a free IC card reader after they have a transaction record on its EBank.
I went to the bank and try to apply a IC card reader.
The Lin Teller took my bankbook and read it from the first page to the end and read my records in my bankbook loudly over and over again.
He said he can not tell any transaction records through Ebank.
I told him I was sure that I actually had done some transactions on the web bank.
But he kept telling me and other customers that he did not see any records that I said.
Other customers around began to talk about me.
I felt humiliated and I told the Lin teller I did not want the IC card reader anymore.
He just admitted there was two 902 transaction records in my bankbook, and I can get a IC Card reader by the 902 records.
He still talking to other that he did not see any records that I said.
But there is actually a web transaction record in my bankbook.
I can not understand why it is so difficult to apply a IC card reader since I have web transaction records in my bankbook.

I feel very angry.
There are many banks provide the same or better service in the town.
I think I do not want to walk in the branch of the bank of Taiwan anymore.
It is so humiliated.


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