Bank of Internet USA / loan processing has taken more than 2 months

San Diego, CA, United States
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I contacted bofi for a home mortgage refinancing on 5/30 and had several discussions before I made an application with a rate locked in on 6/12.

I made application and sent all relevant documents, the loan was approved but again and again the representatives kept loosing my information and were asking for the same document.

In middle july the loan processor assured all documents was received and promised to close it on 7/22 but then she left the company and once again the documents requests started from the next processor and I had to send documents once again all over.

I complained to her supervisor of operations and the sales executive and his supervisor and everyone would write and call and say its taken care but no results. Questions would flow one at a time when one question or a document is supplied and I follow up for after a day another question or a document request would come and this still continues with no closure in sight and all I got as the final answer the underwriter is still looking into the file.

Overtime its me calling them or writing to the bank representatives never the other way round for follow up. I have paid the fee for closure and I have paid for subordination of my second loan and after all of this and waiting for two months the customer service from the bank representatives is poor with no hurry to close the loan.

When one processor has left the company the other processor blames the previous and when the operations supervisor is questioned why he is not taking care to see the problem he complaints on the underwriters and sales team.

I can produce all my email transactions on this subject and I have lost better mortgage rates with other mortgage companies and also my loan is not closed so I am continuing to pay higher interest loosing valuable savings.

Severe complaint with the operations manager has resulted in telling me if I want to cancel the loan application he will do that, what has happened to my money and time lost and the interest savings opportunity lost

Aug 03, 2016

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