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We have always paid our bills on time and in full. However, after relocating to California as a business promotion 2 years ago my husband was fired in March 2008 from his employer after 12.5 years of service with nothing but 6 weeks of vacation pay because the company was filing chapter 13 due to the economy. While we have been fortunate to make a good living we now own a home worth $400K less than the purchase price and as of December have run through most of our savings to try and keep our home. My husband is self-employed making half the money but we have stayed current on every bill and even paid 2X the minimum trying to get credit cards paid down. We have been late 3X on our mortgage, over 30 days but no more than 35 days due to cash flow. However, we have NEVER< EVER been late on any other bill. Last week I received notice that one card, which we had paid down by over half owed, was lowering our credit just $200 over what we owed...the lowered it over $6K...FINE but doesn't that hurt my credit further? Now BOA is has just sent a notice that they are cancelling our line of credit but thankfully it is a fixed rate and they just have to wait for us to pay it down. However, that again is going to damage our credit. While we should be able to pay all of these creditors off in the next 6 months our credit has been TRASHED...and by nothing we have DONE or DESERVED as consumers. I feel like a noose is slowly being tightened around us and wonder why we should keep trying to "DO THE RIGHT THING". Why are we bailing out banks when they are taking our money and RUINING everything we have built financially? There has to be some type of LAW during times of extremem crisis, like now, that would prevent these vultures from feeding on WE THE PEOPLE!!! It is not right. It is wrong. It is time someone did the RIGHT THING in OUR GOVERNMENT to be here for WE THE PEOPLE>...what is wrong out there????

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      Dec 30, 2008

    1txgal...I feel your pain because the exact same thing was just done to me by Bank of America. They reduced my credit card credit line by $11, 000 to where it is now only a few hundred dollars above my limit. This was done despite the fact that I have never paid late nor have I gone over my limit in the 6 years I have been a customer. I spent about 3 hours on the phone with them, but to no avail. Their justification is that I was unemployed because I just graduated (a few weeks ago, mind you) and was awaiting my bar results to be able to practice law. I explained that that should have made no difference because I always paid more than the minimum payments, even when I was out of school, and that they have no legitimate justification to all of a sudden cut my credit line by half. I am furious because this will surely hurt my credit score since I am now close to the limit (while before I was below 50%). The only thing I got from BOA is that I should call back in 6 months after I have made more aggressive payments (even though I already pay well over the minimum payment each month). I have been a BOA customer for 8 years now and am seriously considering closing all my accounts because this is ridiculous. They should not be able to get away with this!

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