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Bank Of America/fia / I am being charged by fia/b of a for cards I didn't uses and are not mine

1 PA, United States

I was robbed when i was on vacation in FL, took everything in my wallet. since them i have had 6 credit cards open in my name. I have never recieved these cards or used them, but i am being harassed by bank of amreica & FIA for the money charged on these cards. The people call and treaten us several times a day, they do not care that they are not mine. they don't even want to hear it. they say they have called anyone on my street and are telling them i owe B Of A money and they said they called all my relative. I know this to not be true. because i have no neighbors, i live in the country on 100 acres.and no one has called any relatives. They are a bunch of jerks. and i am not paying them penny. I have a police report, they don't even want to see it. I have requested something with my name on it, they have sent nothing because they have nothing.The said they will ruin my credit. I said i don't care I am 75 years old, and don't uses credit, i have the money to pay cash. I have reported them to the attorney general. I am not paying for someone elses good time. using my name

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