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After trying many different prepaid cards, I find that the Bank Freedom card is the best one out there. It use to have issues and would hold transactions too long, but since they upgraded their card, it works great. I hated that their call center would only be open during the week. Now I can call or text to get my balance, and call if I have any questions 24x7. It's also the only card that doesnt charge any monthly fee for using direct deposit. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED

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  • Ch
      Nov 27, 2010

    I totally agree this is the best prepaid card I have used!!! I am a new client as far as this card is concerned but I have found my card was easy to activate no hidden fees and WAY BETTER than Wal-mart money card!!! Definitely would recommend this card to anyone looking for a reliable SCAM free prepaid debit card!

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  • Hu
      Nov 28, 2011

    Well my name is ruth shaw and my refund of four thousand sixtyfive dollars was deposited to my card and they have not returned my money back yet, im 80 years old, i will not trust these scam artists, they have not sent my money back to me yet...

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  • Cr
      Dec 06, 2011

    We had our money direct deposited into a Bank Freedom account. Immediately following the deposit of our money, "someone" with a Bank Freedom account transferred our money from our account into their own account. We have instant email notification of every transaction that takes place and called the bank the moment it happened. They refused to reverse the transaction, nor would they even put a hold on it when we explicitly informed them that we had not made that transaction nor did we authorize it. That happened on November 14th. We were told we would need to get a Police Report and they would be able to handle the matter. We filed the Police Report and yet Bank Freedom STILL refused to give the Police Dept. the information regarding the person who stole our money! We were then told that the Police Dept. would need to get a subpoena in order for Bank Freedom to release the information on the person who took our money right out of our account! The Police Dept. was astounded at the manner in which the bank handled this as were we! Our account was emptied! The Bank Freedom site states that they are FDIC insured and yet the Customer Service Rep for Bank Freedom keeps telling us that they are not responsible for the breach of our account and the only way we will get our money back is if the police can get it from the person who stole it!!! We will fight this to the end!! It is now Dec. 6th and we still have no idea where our money is, who took it and Bank Freedom did everything in their power to protect the thief rather than us!! We are still waiting to find out what the Police have been able to accomplish whereas they did not receive any help from Bank Freedom either! We are also waiting to hear from the FDIC, with whom we reported this theft as well! BTW, we NEVER wrote down the passwords or security question/answers anywhere for a thief to access this information. It was strictly in our heads and yet our account was acce4ssed by a thief!! We are still highly considering the possibility that someone meant to perform a transfer from their own accounts and Bank Freedom erroneously performed the transfer from our account. We are still in the dark as to what truly happened here! DON'T TRUST BANK FREEDOM. THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE ORDEAL ALL WE KEPT HEARING WAS HOW SAFE BANK FREEDOM ACCOUNTS ARE! RIGHT!!

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