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Bangor Car Care / They ripped us off

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I bought a car from Bangor car care and in less then 48 hrs it broke down, I called them and to tell that it wouldn't start. they wanted to know if I had AAA and I said no they asked if I could borrow AAA from a friend and I told them no, then she wanted to know if my insurance would cover it, I told her no. then she to me what do you want me to do about it. And mind you I live 2 hrs away, I told them what needed to be fixed and it wasn't done. When the girl talked to me like that on the phone I was very upset and told them that I wasn't paying anymore money and I called my bank to stop payments. I don't think they thought I would do that. With 13 days the front tires were bald. Parisian called me about the payments I tried to tell them what was going on and they just said I wasn't telling the truth. So I told them to come and get the car ----- and this is the short version

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  • Lu
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    did they ever come get the car? Or did they handle it for you? im dealing with similar issues

  • Rg
      13th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    bangor car care sucks they sell LEMON cars. Been there done that and I made them come get it. my 2003 STRATUS was gonna cost me 8, 600 with 120, 000 MILES HELL NO. I can get the same exact car less miles for 3000 it sucks power steering was messing up and everything. NEVER AGAIN

  • Th
      19th of May, 2009
    -2 Votes

    Ok...Here's what I think. I am a car dealer that has been in the business for over 15 years. I have dealt with people like you. If one thing goes wrong you flip your lid and stop paying for the car. Well newsflash Einstein...when you stop paying for the car who do think is really going to get hurt? YOU ARE!!! Obviously you went to Bangor Car Care because your credit sucks or else you would have gone elsewhere. This kind of mentality gets you in trouble! When you stop paying for your stuff it gives you bad credit! So grow a pair and stop complaining about it and call the attorney general. They will file a formal complaint and take care of it for you. If you did it the right way the first might have had a chance in hell of getting financed for another vehicle way way off in the future. Good luck.

  • Co
      20th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Some friends of mine just said that this crazy guy from Bangor Car "ripoff" Care started harrassing them in traffic, with some sort of road rage. He made threats, gestures, and called them names, he even wanted them to get out of the car so he could fight with the. When they roported him to the police the owner of the Car Care was said to have had several run ins with people in public places. I guess the guy who is in the commercials is also the owner and he's just as much of a psycho nutjob as he is on TV. He doesn't care about true P.R. and hides behind the law as much as he can despite is deceptions and tricks. Bangor Car Care is now located in Brewer next to Bangor and we wonder perhaps if he wasn't run out of Bangor or something doing shady business. Maine-ah is crazy. Anyway someone mentioned that he couldn't even spell "you're" right on the sign on his truck that says "You're approved". Apparently he put the apostrophe in the wrong place. LOL

  • Bl
      8th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    My boy friend got a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue In April of 2009 within days of getting this car it wouldn't start he called Bangor Car Care to get the car serviced left a number of messages on the serviced department answering machine . No one returned his calls . So he called the operations department finally they got SCOTT the service manager on the line he clearly stated that it wasn't their issue . He got a garage to finally look at this vehicle with their "WONDERFUL WARRANTY" took him two days to find someone that would take it because it a pain in the a**. The garage found it needed tire rod ends, control arm bushing, and a power steering rack, and yet they couldn't fix the starting issue some ### directly wired the battery to the computer. Again he called Bangor Car Care to report this issue again his calls was unanswered . He e-mailed GLENN he finally got back to him two days later just for Mr.GREISER, to tell him there was nothing he could do about it a year later Hello ### this had been reported a few days of buying the car!!! Since this issue we went on line that car has had a total of 82 factory recalls. We have reported this company to the local BBB also the Attorney General we are looking into a lawyer right now . There was a lot of [censored] on the buyers contract that just don't seem legal to us like the car came from MID-STATE MOTORS INC WA Ruthless Rd Anywhere USA 12345 . I guess the key word here folks is RUTHLESS. We want everyone to know what a SHADY place this is stay clear!!! I

  • Ba
      30th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Bangor Car Care, is a total rip off. They have been ran out of Bangor and they are gonna get ran out of Brewer eventually, just time is all its gonna take. They sell unsafe vehicles, we bought one from them and went back five hour laters to return it and Glenn said No we arent walmart we dont do returns. He then got in my face and said get out and dont come back. Supposedly, Lewiston closed and got ran off with junk vehicles. DONT BUY A VEHICLE FROM THESE PEOPLE THEY ARE RIP OFF ARTISTS.

  • Si
      15th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Bangor car care tried to force us into buying a car! We were looking at a car and it had just been brought in from an auction. So we put down a little bit of cash to hold it until it was looked at and inspected. We'll they had us sign some "manditory" paper work that went with the hold. So we left thought we had just found a good vehicle. Went back the following monday to try out the vehicle. It was leaking in the front end, the brakes sqeeked, and the tires were bulging. They told us the tires were new, ya right. So we went in after the test drive to tell them what we found and they wouldnt even talk to us. Soo we went to another car dealer. We went back to tell them that we didnt want the car any more and they got in our face and told us we had to buy the car and that the money we put down to hold the car was the down payment. On the recepit it says HOLD! But thank goodness for the dealer we ended up doing business through. They got on the phone and told bangor car care what they were doing was wrong. By the way when we were in the other dealers office we saw people test driving the vehicle that we supposibly bought. So right then and there we told them, to shove the car and that we weren't going to to bussiness through them. DONT GO THROUGH BANGOR CAR CARE! try LEE AUTO, there amazing and i would reccomend them to anyone!

  • Gi
      17th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    my son purchased a car from bangor car care, they took his truck, and a 350.00 deposit and then came and picked up the car 3 weeks later saying his loan wasn't approved. He has a pro bono attorney on the case, but he isn't doing anything about it because he isn't getting paid to help my son and he can't afford an attorney, so he's basically out $1000.00. I think this company should be put out of business for good!!! They seem to be preying on people who are down on their luck.

  • Ra
      6th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    My son bought a car from them also. I did some math and found that it should be paid off in the end of Sept. instead they inform me today that the loan still has 39 weeks. I know that I am slow on some things but math I always got A+ in. So I recalulated my loan to what they said. I find that they charged 18% interest on the loan plus 18%/day on the loan to a total of 36%. My kid is graduating from high school this year and he is getting screwed.
    Also Glenn took it on his own to repo a car that was not up for repo. I know of another customer that moved here to maine. He left his other vehicle parked on the side street on Bangor where the old dealer was. He was working on refinancing the car with another company and had bought another from Glen. He told Glen it may go into repo if it did not get refinanced. He went to get the vehicle a couple days later and it was gone. Nobody knew where it was accourding to Bangor Car Care. guess what Glenn had towed and placed it into the garage in Brewer and claimed no knowledge. Well a state investigator found it for this person, somehow Glenn sneaked throught the cracks on that one also. Who knows maybe someones pocket is getting greased at other levels. Otherwise how can such a crook and thief stay in business. Plus how could the state let Persian come and to dealings here as well. Someone needs to stop these people and put them out of business. Isnt there any justice anymore or just crooks.

  • Co
      8th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    about 4 years ago I financed my first vehicle from them, a 1999 Chevy Blazer. I put $1500.00 down on it, took a test drive and loved it, everything was working fine! I was excited, I finally had a nice vehicle! I had my boyfriend and my 5 month old daughter in the car with me when I left. We went out to eat then started off on out two hour ride to Machias. We took route 9 and a hour into the ride I switched with my boyfriend and drove. It was late around 7pm and winter time. I drove for 10 minutes and started hearing a LOUD thumping noise under my truck that just seemed to get worse with time. It ended up getting so bad we pulled over and had to drive it with our 4 ways on all the way to Wesley about 45minute ride, on the side of the road until I got service on my cell. We found a garage and some men were in there and they came out and said it sounded like our wheel bearings! I called them and the girl asked if I could have it towed back to bangor and they would pay me back, I told them I couldnt because I had just given them all my money two hors ago and didnt have the money to have it towed to them two hours away. I was crying and really upset, I was stranded in the middle of nowhere with my boyfriend and 5 month old two hours after I got the truck!!! I ended up having to leave the truck there, they came and got it and fixed it and had to have a friend come get us! To make matters worse a couple years later my boyfriend got a dodge neon there and the transmission started to go a few months later, so he had them come get it and I have never delt with them since! anyone thinking about it should really think twice!!

  • Re
      11th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Well let me tell u me and my husband went and trusted bangor car care for a safe and reliable vehicle and we got a PEICE OF [censor]!!! We have had more problems with this vehicle than i have ever had with one. F irst off my tires went bald after two weeks supposedly new tires' yeah right! My truck was all over the rd. Just getting good not done yet" Than my heater went so now we have no heat. wooooo hooo. On top of all that my universal joint had gone. So all the problems and i called thay told me to bring it to an auto dealer down my way, so thay didnt have to deal with it and to top that thay said that my truck had way to many miles to do any maintance on. My agreement states 100, 000 miles but i guess after they suckered us into buying it thay run the show and the [censored] agreement means [censor]'!!!

  • Th
      13th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I know someone who works for bangor car care and he told me they buy these cars at auctions for 3oo-1000 dollars and when they buy them they take them back to their "mechanics" if thats what you want to call them. Their people find the issues with them such as blown head gasgets or bad tie rod ends and belts and such then they "fix" them. If it has an oil leak or blown head gasket instead of replacing the seals they poor that cr*p in the engine that you buy at vip and as a hobby mechanic I can tell you that will fix it long enough for them to sell it. Also hears a good one if you have bad tie rod ends you can pump them full of greas this will tighten them up long enough so it makes it off their lot. After they do these half a** fixes they sell them for 5000 and when it breaks they will just give you the "its a used car and things break". At the end of the day dont ever buy a car at bangor car care, and glen is a nut job.

  • Sr
      1st of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    The staff at BCC are beyond rude. I have never had such a horrible experience at any business. Glenn will tell a lie straight to your face and smile while he is doing it. They will have you signing paperwork on a car before you even say you want it. They shove paper in your face and ask you to sign, all the while talking and asking questions to try to distract you enough to not actually read the paperwork. Lucky for me I was on to them and didn't make out all that badly. I did find them to be a terribly disorganized bunch of clods. I also found that when they make a mistake, it is always the customers fault.
    My experience;
    After trying to put me in cars with malfunctioning breaks and clunking engines, I asked them what the deal was with theses cars. I was told nothing, they were safe. ONE CAR I TEST DROVE HAD LITTLE IN THE WAY OF BRAKING POWER! When I finally drove a car that I found to be in reasonable working condition, I showed them my required paperwork. Paperwork was photocopied and filed. I was told I was missing something and needed to bring it in in 48 hours. No big deal. I drove the hour from my house back to BCC the following day. They photocopied my piece of paper and I drove the hour back home.
    Fast foreward 1 week. . . . I am at my cousins funeral when I am on my way to the burial I see that I have FOUR missed calls on my cell. It was somebody from BCC. They had called my work twice and me 4 times. I returned the call to see what was so important. Apparently they did not have a piece of paper they needed from me, the SAME paper I had drove a total of 2hrs to give to them a week earlier. The BCC representative on the phone proceeded to DEMAND I drive all the way there to give it to them again, during my cousins funeral in the middle of a nor'easter. I tried to explain the situation, why the drive was not possible today, but could be done tomorrow she began mocking me, saying, "you poor baby" and how my cousins death was not her problem.
    I asked to speak to her manager and the manager was totally supportive of her actions! I mean really? It was THEIR MISTAKE to begin with.

    Lucky for me I do not have poor credit, nor am I in need of their services. I have learned my lesson. I just feel bad for those less fortunate.

  • Da
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes
    Bangor Car Care - Junk used truck
    Bangor car care
    United States

    I was in bad way with credit no one fault but my own so I had a chance to get a truck for work did this in jan 2014 this truck has more problems withit than I do with arthritis can't keep front end parts in way past norm wear n tear over heats tranny chatters balding inside edge of tires it chews them up in short time the brakes aren't even the correct parts on it and it dies from time to time like sit at red light and to top it off they had so much body filler and scrap junk along bottom of cab that it will not take a sticker again with out 4000$ worth of body that's my grey cloud

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