Bangladesh GPO EMS Service / they are losers and thieves

1 dhaka, Bangladesh
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This complaint is not about Bangladesh as a country but the corrupted Government that is running all the offices in the country.

I had some boxes of fabric product that I wanted to bring from Dhaka, Bangladesh to USA and market this fabulous product.

So I had everything worked out in USA and Bangladesh where a poor hardworking businessman supplied all the products and very happy as he also was expecting to get his second order.

Only few boxes so we decided to do EMS through GPO which is the post office run by Bangladesh Government. We pay for our services handsomely and came back.

Couple of days later we got a call from GPO saying customs returned the boxes. They came up with some ridiculous excuse about this being a business product they cannot be shipped. So we asked what should we do? Can you guess? Pay us and the customs and we will pass it through.

This in a nutshell is Bangladesh. Even if you try to do good for the country, some thief will not let it happen. No wonder...

Apr 27, 2017

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