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Banfield / The Pet Hospital / robbing customers, overcharging or charging for services not needed

1 ---TX, United States
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I am a former employee of banfield the pet hospital. I have first hand experience with all of their underhanded techniques to trick low income people into buying their "wellness plans." The reason why i say low income is because banfield intentionally sets up their hospitals in lower-income neighborhoods with the notion that "monthly installments" make uneducated people think they are saving money. Parts of the plans make sense, for instance the free, unlimited office visits and the inclusion of all vaccinations. However, it is more than likely that every time you come in you will be charged for services or for medication that is conveniently not included in the plan. So, you are stuck shelling out $70-$140 for a membership fee and then $12-$36 a month for services that aren't even covered. Banfield veterinarians are trained and specifically instructed to charge and/or OVERCHARGE owners for services that are not necessary for their pet.

I have experienced and witnessed these malpractices take place for over a year and i finally couldn't stomach it anymore. Any pet hospital that is owned by the Mars Candy Corporation is all about money. People, you need to open up your eyes and utilize the brain that God gave you and realize that this place is nothing more than a way to scam you out of your hard earned money.

Making money, increasing revenue and overcharging you is paramount to your pet's health and well being at Banfield the pet hospital. There they don't treat your pet like family, they treat your pet like an ATM.


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