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Lacey, WA, United States Review updated:

Took my 6 year old dog, Rocky, in for what I diagnosed myself from online information as "Mange". Called prior to going in to see what office visit and testing for Mange would cost. Was told 40.00 for visit and 38.00 for scraping. Found out in the end that there is another 38.00 charge to LOOK at the scrapings! Vet comes back to tell me that sure enough, Rocky has Mange and that he will need an RX for it. By the time she has given me all the information on what he needs, my estimate was between $600-900.00!! Told me that before they could give the RX he needed to have his liver tested to see if he would handle the RX. Also said that some breeds can go into a coma from the RX so he needs a DNA testing that takes 3 weeks to run. In the meantime, they can do a dip with a special shampoo twice a week until it is found out if he can take the RX. The vet gave a paper saying that Collies are the most affected by the RX. My dog is a german shepard/lab mix...not a collie! Said this is way above the price I was expecting. Vet goes on to tell me that basically by not allowing her to run these DNA tests would I do the same to my parents if they were in the hospital? Basically I am having them not sign a DNR by me not doing the tests! By the time we were done, she knew I wasn't falling for anything she was saying. I asked if she would fax her information to my regular vet and I would take it up with them on a 2nd opinion. She informed me that she has "regular" appointments there and would would now have to work until 10 pm to do mine. Said my information would be faxed over that night. Called my vet at 9 AM the following day...nothing faxed over. Told my vet about everything that took place and the charges they were trying to charge me. Told me to bring my dog in...walked out 10 minutes later with an RX for 87.00. No testing, no nothing. I paid almost $140.00 the night before just to be told he had mange! Called and filed a formal complaint today. Was told somebody will call me back within 3-5 days. Will never take my animals there again. After reading the complaints, I see many other people have had this same issue. They aren't there for the animals...they are there to get more $$$$ to pay their rent!

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      2nd of May, 2012

    Nothing you said surprises me about Banfield. They are greedy, incompetent monsters who use your love for your animal as a way to leverage more money out of you.

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      14th of May, 2012

    After reading your feedback, we would like to speak with you directly to get more information. We apologize that your visit to our hospital has left you feeling this way. Based on this information we are unable to identify your account and we want to make sure we address your concerns. We would appreciate it if you would call our Wellness Plan Team at 888-649-2716, thank you.

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