Banfieldbanfield in deptford, nj killed my dog!

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Beware of banfield at the deptford petsmart. They killed my dog by giving her too much oxygen and causing her to have a seizure and die. She did not need oxygen just because she was breathing heavy from her heart disease. I took her in for a check up, nothing else. I did not authorize oxygen and even told them I did not want the mask on her. They did it anyway, then had the nerve to charge me! Like I will ever pay them a single cent more sincle they killed my dog! I sure as hell wont trust them with my other 2 dogs.

Its a shame that sara garrison and amber karwacki are so negligent and give all of the vets there a bad rep because dr jan oliver is amazing. She is normally the only one I let touch my dogs. However, she wasnt in yet on the morning I took my poor baby in to be checked.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Deptford, NJ All I was doing was getting her checked for free since all of my dogs have there highest wellness plans available.

I walked in with a very much alive dog for a free visit and walked out with a dead dog and over $300 in charges for stuff I did not consent to and specifically told them I did not want done to her. They stressed her out so bad, then they killed her!

I have had so many people write to me telling me that the same vet killed or harmed their pets too. I am reporting my story to the media, attorney general, craigslist, [redacted].com, and every other review website I can find to warn people about these two criminally negligent so called doctors. One of them (Sara garrison) looks about 12. How much can she even possibly know?

Please do not take your pets here for any reason!!!


Dec 15, 2014
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      Jan 16, 2015

    You cannot "get a seizure and die" from "too much oxygen" if you are in heart failure. The reason why they give oxygen to dogs in heart failure is because a) they may not be getting enough from their lungs if there is pulmonary edema, and b) if their heart is failing, their tissues aren't getting the amount of blood they need, and thus they aren't getting the amount of oxygen they need (as blood delivers oxygen). Oxygen toxicity is really only a problem for divers or premature babies in oxygen cages. It's NOT a danger to those who are already hypoxic (such as your dog).

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