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Bmu owe me £35, 000. I was signed to them for over a year and they did nothing at all except lie. No photos, no help, no mastered recordings, no nothing. And nothing cost me a lot of money.
I have documented proof of everything I am stating here.
We had some major opportunities from overseas deals that I had handed bmu from my own efforts. I was planning to be with this company a long time and we were going to work together to some pretty big results. After a while the company fell on hard times so I even helped them out financially and they still haven't paid me back 8 months later. I even have debt collectors on them now.
They promised us (The band) everything, after a year of drama they said they were booking us 10 o2 shows, to make up for their pitiful actions previously. After promoting the shows and gearing up for the european "tour" that followed, we discovered the shows were fake and not even booked. We had to remove shows we had promoted! How embarrassing is that?
I supposedly had my contract raised to £72, 000 because of overseas developments, but we never ever saw any of the money in any form even when we demanded to authenticate the situation. I would also like to add that every opportunity found was by me not bmu. They never did a thing so I did everything. Every time I got an opportunity I passed it to them and they'd screw it up. 1 year of this ladies and gentlemen.
This company also almost lost me a career changing deal. A big opportunity presented itself to me so I passed it to bmu but the third party company declined to proceed as the third party deemed bmu's conduct unprofessional. I know this because I spoke to that company today and they told me that they were indeed not going to get back in touch with bmu. I was better off speaking to the third party myself, which is crazy when bmu are supposed to nail the management side of things.
I know of 4 companies they owe money to and 4 or 5 of their artists that are taking them to court.
So if you want management that will mess up deals, make excuses and steal your money then bmu are your guys. They owe everybody money. They leave a trail of chaos and drama wherever they go.

Stay away. You've been warned.

-the black horses.

Jan 18, 2017
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  • Ge
      27th of Jan, 2017

    Hi there not sure what to say. I did make-up for many BMU's photoshoots, never saw you there.
    Good place to get work, and I enjoyed working with the manager on site.

    ps: they own you 35k? and you are a band? and they promised you 72k, for a starter band with no following?
    Mr. Roman, it is very difficult to believe what you say. And after three years working with them, I do not believe you.

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