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My Exclusive contract with Band Management Universal was signed in 2014 and our collaboration was meant to be a turning point for my career as a singer/songwriter.

The initial registration fee proposed by the company was over £4000, however, I managed to collect only £2500 and these were all my savings at the time. The company agreed to my offer while ensuring that our collaboration will be fruitful and other staff members seemed to be very engaged and interested in this new upcoming project.

Unfortunately, the spell was broken when I started to realise that Band Management Universal cannot organise anything properly. The first rehearsal session (audition) was great, although the invoice for it was shocking and I thought it could have been budgeted more effectively.

Subsequent studio sessions proved to be a failure as the BMU organised nearly nothing. I ended up having to apologise to musicians and explain why they hadn’t received music sheets and any other material before the session. I was starting to realise that I’m wasting my time and money, not to mention how horrible I felt seeing that nothing is being done as the time is going by.

The only response from the company’s director was to stay patient as they were apparently having problems with their employees, producers, sound engineers, competition and even problematic artists, including myself as I was apparently ‘too demanding and needed to wait’. It was hard to communicate as there were always lots of excuses and I was never really shown any action plan, which I asked about numerous times.

A definite lack of competence, manners and professionalism but that’s not the end yet.

For the amount of £2500 during 18 months I have received 4 rehearsal sessions (out of which 3 were poorly organised) and 1 photoshoot session, where neither stylist nor photographer had any idea what kind of artist image we are aiming for as no information was provided from the management company (BMU).

I had the impression that someone is making fun of me and playing with my money.

There was no possibility of terminating my contract earlier so in the 18th month I was finally able to come out of it, which I did in the form of a formal written letter.

I have still to this date not received a penny back from the £2500 I have paid, which they are obliged to return me according to the contract I signed with them. Neither did they ever respond to my letter / emails / phone calls / text messages.

This was a big lesson, which I would like to thank Band Management Universal as thanks to this dreadful experience I am a stronger person now.

I wish everyone a successful career in music, just BE CAREFUL and PROTECT YOURSELF before you put your money into hands of Band Management Universal.

Dec 03, 2016

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