Banc Corp -Wired PlasticUnable to Access Fund s

have had Wired Plastic for over 5 years and I have NEVER experienced any issues from them until today. On January 5th, I sent a message to them via their website and asked...ONLY ASKED how do I dispute a charge. I never received a response from them and I had not used my card for anything in the mean time. On Friday January 16th I received my direct deposit from work and attempted to get gas. My card declined and kept declining and I had to call them at 5am.

When I spoke with the 1st rep., she advised me that they had cancelled my card because I reported unauthorized charges to my card. I became livid because never once did I say that in the email. She then told me that they responded to me 6 days later after my card had been cancelled. Who cancels a card without following up with the owner first.

Here I am on payday with many obligations and I am being told that I can not access my money until I obtain a new replacement card. So my cell phone will be cut off, my rent will be late and I won't be able to feed my kids.

I asked them why wasn't a replacement card already sent if you are just going to cancel my card and was told that I had to verify my address before it can be shipped. I have had the same address for 15 years and I told them that. And to add insult to injury, I was told I had to pay $19.95 for an expedited card to come in 3-5 days. How is this expedited and why do I have to pay for it!! 3 reps I spoke to gave me all different information and the Supervisor hung up on me! No one speaks English well and they all have attitudes. This is a wake up call for me and I will never have another dime go into this account.


Jan 16, 2015

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