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Bama Jama Dachshunds-Red Long Coat Female Miniature Dachshund Puppy / This breeder sells SICK and NEGLECTED puppies!!

1 513 Highway S., Warrior, AL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 205-254-8555

Back in 2007, my friend was searching for a Miniature Dachshund puppy. She found the most adorable little red long coat female that she immediately fell in love with that was being sold by her breeder (Bama Jama Dachshunds-Lynn Harper). So, she contacted her breeder Lynn Harper in regards to her. When she saw the puppy, she immediately purchased her from Lynn Harper (Bama Jama Dachshunds).

She knew that she had to have her. When she brought her home, the same day…my friend noticed that her new long coat Miniature Dachshund puppy started to have severe blood in her stool. Soon as the next day came, she took her immediately to her own veterinarian. Her veterinarian told her that the puppy has Parvo Virus, Coccidia, and urinary tract infection. She was so upset and devastated that she started to become frustrated and angry.

She paid $400 for the puppy. But, she ended up spending $2, 400 in veterinary medical care. The puppy had to be in the animal hospital quarantined for nearly two weeks. She lost a lot of sleep worrying about her new Miniature Dachshund puppy and hoping that she will get better soon. She also called her vet’s office every day to check on her and to see how she is doing. As soon as she was all better, her veterinarian discharged her and sent her back home with my friend.

When my friend contacted Lynn Harper (Bama Jama Dachshunds) about her new puppy being sick and unhealthy. Lynn Harper just told her that she did not care about the puppy being sick. She also told my friend that there was nothing she could do and that the puppy was no longer her responsibility. She also told my friend that the puppy was no longer in her care.

My friend spent $2, 400 in veterinary medical care. She has learned her lesson about purchasing a puppy from Lynn Harper (Bama Jama Dachshunds). She will never ever purchase another puppy from her ever again. Ever since my friend’s ordeal with this Miniature Dachshund breeder, she soon realized that the breeder never loves nor cares for any of the dogs and puppies that are in her care. She now knows that this breeder is running a puppy mill.

This breeder is not breeding Miniature Dachshunds to better the breed and improve the breed. She is just breeding Miniature Dachshunds to make money off the puppies. This is her only source of income and her only job. She has no REAL job that she can make money off of. Please DO NOT purchase a puppy from this breeder at all ever. Also, please DO NOT do any business with her at all whatsoever.

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