BalticBulls / Scam

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This man is a fraudster and a scam artist. He has taken thousands and thousands of dollars from French Bulldog Breeders and owners from all over the world. He will take your money and you will not receive a dog from him as he does not own any dogs. He will send you 101 excuses of why you haven't received your money back and then eventually will stop responding.
He goes by the following names : Fatih Pehlivan, Fatih, Faith, Tom, Tombulls, Etc.
His websites and profiles are:
The kennel names he goes by are: BalticBulls, BalticFrenchy, Tombulls, Etc. His e-mail that he is using now is [protected]

He often tries to sell the same black and tan, and sable french bulldog females and the dogs are owned by a lady in the UK. He also steals photos of reputable breeders and tries to sell those dogs.

BEWARE!! Do not ever buy from this guy as you will lose your money. You have been warned!!

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