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Ballys / Scam and fraud!

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I signed up at the Tampa Bally's, I used it for 3 days, then had to move to Minnesota. Within 1 week of signing contract (contract said if I moved more than 30 miles from the TAMPA club, I could cancel) I asked this multiple times because I had not decided if I would stay in FL or go back to MN. I sent them everything they asked for to cancel. They did cancel and instead reported me to the collection agency. They want $3600. Not going to happen.

Also, my friend said she was going to sign up and I told her not to because they would screw her over. She did anyways. Needless to say, they screwed her over too and would not let her end her contract after her one year was up. Also, I used to go to a women's support group. We talked about finances one day, out of 11 women in the group, 9 had a problem with Bally's.

I am so sick of the idiot employees on here writing rebuttals. Obviously, they have never signed up for a Bally's contract themselves AND I really doubt if this many complaints against one company is because none of us did what the contract said we had to do AND I am really sure we are all lying about the dishonesty of this company and it's employees.


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  • Jo
      4th of Jun, 2008
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    Well after 10 years of fighting I got bent over, I move out of state a years later from Chicago to Everett WA were there was no club. My contract was for Chicago only, so when I called they said they needed a proff of address. I sent them that and the 455 in a money order to close my account. Now some ### in Chicago purchased my contract and filed a action on me. MY BANK ACCOUNTS ARE FROZEN TO PAY 1200. They said they Severed me... Well I live in Ohio now ... when I asked who they sevrved they had not answer. WATCH FOR A COPMANY CALLED ASSET ASSIOSATION.. THEY ARE SUCM OF THE EARTH AND BEND THE RULES TO GET WHAT THEY WANT LEAGEL OR NOT

  • Sa
      27th of Jun, 2008
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    My husband and I have been members for almost a year and have been pretty satisfied with everything, but lately we are finding that the Bally's' that we go to in So. San Francisco has fell a little short as far as housekeeping goes. They use to have a little Spanish girl, who cleaned the women's bathroom wonderful; she also wiped the equipment down, washed windows, etc. She was a real asset to the company, but is no longer there. Lately the bathroom has had toilet all over the floors in the stalls, some with no toilet liners to put down when using the toilets. My husband said the new guy they have cleaning the men's does not do a good job cleaning the men's bathroom or shower area; he said the previous guy they had really scrubbed everything down and that's important, especially with everyone walking around with bare feet after showering; my husband wear thongs, but he says a lot of the guys don't. He also brought up how dusty the equipment is out on the floor, which isn't very healthy. We thought if we brought this to your attention you may be able to rectify the problem. We really enjoy working out at this facility, as it is close to our house, which is very convenient. We would rather stay anonymous to anyone at this facility please. Thank you.

    Sincerely, Samuel&Darlene Perry

  • Is
      19th of Jul, 2008
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    I agree with all of you. I live in Miami, Fl and I was lied and told that my old membership ws not renewed and I had to purchase a new membership. Since I am overweight and feel tired I decided to do the new membership and I paid in full since I was getting a discount. A day later I had a bad feeling and I called their 800 number and guess what I was able to renew my membership and save $150 per person. When I called to speak to the Manager he told me that I can cancel the new membership within three days so I went to the gym to cancel and like I thought he was not there. He had gone out and then I went again two times after that and there was always an excuse. Now on the fourth time of me trying he shows up to tell me that my membership did not show up and when an employee saw us arguing we looked it up and to his astonishment it was there. Since according to him it's been 4 days afterwards I am not allowed to cancel. I am going to my doctor's so they can write a letter because I have a medical condition. Lets see if I can get out it and get a refund. Bally's has changed since last time I was a member.

  • Gr
      6th of Aug, 2008
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    When I joined Bally's last year I was told the other Bally's in my area had a pool and jacuzzi. I love to swim and so I signed up. Well turns out One does have a pool out of like 9 gyms, but it is almost 15 miles away from where I live and isnt even on any routes i drive. I know I should have checked more carefully but still.

    My second complaint is the cleanliness. I walk in and all the gyms have a nasty smell and u can see mildew in the shower stalls. I orginally thought maybe it was just one gym, but nope so far I have seen it in all of em. I called their customer service to see since they are not satusying my customer needs due to their lack of cleaning if I could bow out, with maybe a penalty for canceling early(every other company in the world has term fees so you can get out). I was ok with that, but lo and behold, they actually laughed at me and hung up.

    Personally I hope enough people get together and start holding those gyms accountable that pull this BS. Til then I joined LA fitness in my area, which is actually really nice, clean and the staff is great. Plus I didnt have to be in a contract. So i pay 25 a month for a great gym and 35 for one i never use lol sheesh

    Class actions against Bally's? Count me in

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