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Bally's - Colorado / Security problem

1 United States

I am a Bally's member for 2 years now and I had severl problems with Bally but this is the extreme. I would like to know what is Bally's going to do with my case.

I am very frustrated with the level of service I am seeing and I am sure you will agree after reading my story.

Tonight at 5:50pm, I went to Bally's in Aurora, located at 13801 East Exposition Avenue, The Plaza at Aurora Mall Aurora, CO 80012, phone [protected], to excersise how I do most of the days. I went to the locker's room and left my back pack and keys inside the locker with a lock on it. I went to work on the cardio machines for an hour and when I came back I found that the lock was gone. Since I never heard of any story in Bally's, I assumed I forgot to place the lock, I started checking and everything seemed to be there. However I could not find my car keys. I went to check with my wife and we could not find them. I was sure I left the car keys in my locker.

We went outside and found the keys inside the car with the driver's door closed but unlocked. We check the car and found that the only thing missing was my wallet. I called my cedit card companies and cancel them all. In my citibank there were charges for $ 750 dollars. My wife and I went inside to
report that to the Bally's employees.

It seems that the robber opened my locker, took my key, went to my car, found my wallet, took it and started using it in wallmart and charged 750 dollars.

There were more than 5 people and nobody knew what to do, they did not even have the police phone number. One employee told us that there were 3 other cases this week exactly the same way in the same Bally's location. There were no manager at the time and any employee take leadership tohelp us
report to the police.

I would like to know if all this issues are normal characteristic of the level of serice of Bally in their US locations:

- The ID scaner is not working at least for a week You could just show the ID and they will let you in. And even if you don't have the ID, the employees just let you in. They did not even check in their
system if you are really a member,

- Any employee knew what are the procedures in case of a stolen object as important as a wallet. They did not even have the police number at hand. We have to ask all the emplyees and one told us that she knew where the number was.

- One of the employees told me that this is the third time this week that this crimes are happening at Bally's in Aurora.

- I could not believe that NOBODY did anything to alert the members after 3 crimes like that in a week. Bally should told members that they need to be extra careful, no sign on the locker room, no sign on the entrance. Not even a communication anywhere.

- Is Bally going to check with Aurora Police to make they got this person? It seems to me that the one loosing customers are going to be Ballys.

- I would like to know how is Bally's going to do business if they just don't do anything if there are 3 crimes in a week in a location and even there, employees don't know what to do.

- How is Bally's going to increase security at least on that location?

I would like to know what is Bally going to do in this case. According to people I talk about this, it seems that if there is 3 cases like tha in the same Bally and nobody alert the members, that seem like somebody working for Bally is involved on this crimes.

I would wait for a writen response for this request. I will contact local newspapers and other media about this issue.

best regards,



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