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Bally Fitness Center / Terrible place

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May 2, 2008: Got an invoice today stating I owe $27 and change for dues plus $27 and change for (one monthe) past dues. My membership expired April 7, 2008. I called to speak to a rep. after being put on hold for 10+ minutes (due to high volume) I talked to a young lady who ATTEMPTED to explain that I have a lifetime membership with Bally's even though my contract was up 4-7-08 and that is why I owe dues.

I stated to her how can I owe when there is no contract. She said cuz Bally's says I have a lifetime membership. Then I said then why does all wrrtten correspondence and my account online state that my membership expired 4-7-08 (paid in full I might add). SILENCE from the ill-equipped and naive rep.

Then, I said, so let me get this straight, according to BALLY LOGIC, I CAN'T go to the gym until I sign a new contract and pay current and past dues for a contract I don't have. So, if I wait a year to go to the gym and then sign up for a NEW (required) contract I will still owe the past dues for that previous year even though I had no contract and OBVIOUSLY did not go to the gym. SILENCE broken only by "UH's".

Furthermore, I asked her to explain how I could have an "expired membership" and a so-called "lifetime membership" BOTH AT THE SAME answer.

Finally, I asked her, am I required to pay the so-called current and past dues (per this invoice) for a contract I DON'T have and she said "of course not". Which brought me back to my original question, then how could I owe money for "current dues" and "past dues"? NO ANSWER!

Then, I stated to her that perhaps if Bally's would stop playing shell games with words, interpretations and smoke-and-mirrors marketing, then perhaps their (ex)customers wouldn't experience the long hold times due to high call volume. And, I hung up.

WOW, new ownership, same ole' [censored] games from Bally's...may they rot in h#ll!

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  • Je
      18th of Dec, 2008
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    Bally Fitness Center - Rip off
    Bally Fitness Center
    United States

    We had won a competition for a 3-6 months FREE membership at Bally Fitness Center. We specifically told them we will make a decision to become a member after the 3-6 months. They said we need to have a pass to enter the center so we have to sign the form for the ID card, OK I said that's fine, and we got a pictured ID. On our first day, we were shown around the center and the use of equipment with a trainer, at the end of the session I was ask if I want to sign up for a trainer, I told her that I have a knee problem and I will ask my doctor before I do any exercises.

    In my absent, my son Anton went to the center for his first day session, like me he was approach by the manager to sign up for a year membership, he told him that he has to ask his mother, the manager told 'I am sure it will be fine with her'. My son has a disability and he is taking medication. My son refused to go back, and they continue to harass him to come to the center. I forward a medical documents for my son and myself from our doctors to their main office to cancel all sessions. The Head Office still continues to harass my son and myself about outstanding payments. My son had two training session and I had one, these were done within the free months period. We DO NOT OWE' Bally Fitness Center any payments. My son is receiving calls on his job and he only works 3 days a week.

  • Al
      29th of Jun, 2009
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    Bally Fitness Center - Cheating
    Bally Fitness Center
    United States

    My son was 17 years of age and Bally's signed him up for a contract. Now that he is 18 and was not able to pay, they put the remaining balance on his credit report.

  • Ca
      29th of Jun, 2009
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    Bally Fitness Center - Cheating
    Bally Fitness Center
    United States

    My 17 year-old daughter and her friends went to Bally Fitness Center. They had trial pass with them, but the employee talked them into signing a contract. When she said that she is only 17 and will be 18 in a few months, the employee changed her date of birth in the contract and said is not a problem.

    When I discovered they signed the papers, I contacted the corporate office and requested that her membership with Bally Fitness Center be canceled because it was signed by a minor without parent's approval.

    They responded that the contract will be canceled as soon as they have a copy of her birth certificate. I promptly sent the documents via registered mail. At the time we already started getting non-payment notices from Bally Fitness Center.

    The calls from collection agency stopped for a few months but resumed again a month ago. We assumed that the contract has been canceled but apparently it was not.

    I am not sure what to do as I already contacted our local attorney general, the corporate office, and FTC. They use deceptive practices to get people into signing a contract and I only hope that other people who read this will be aware of the way they conduct business.

  • Es
      19th of Jul, 2009
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    My daughter signed up in May 2007, included the family as she was told what a great deal it was. She was young and hadn't been exposed to these crappy tactics. She also thought she signed up for a monthly, not a 3 year!!! She moved 35 miles away, but the closest Bally was 25 miles away, so within the "contract" distance. She had NO way to get there, and has been stuck by this ### to pay. No one in the family even uses them! These people are crooks and deserve a class action.
    Anyone know a good attorney in California that's gone after these ###? Email me at

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