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Ballbids, LLC / Harrassment

1 KY, United States Review updated:

I have been harassed from day one by the father Mark Beyers. He is a VERY unprofessional man. He claims is such a great place, and then tells people they are stupid, have no brain and that the site is a great place to go. I had simple questions for him at the start. I was disrespected for not agreeing with certain areas such as the care sheet lacking in the proper care for a snake. The care sheet makes it appear taking care of a ball python is very easy. That couldn't be further from the truth. Yes, they can be very easy to work with, but it takes hard work and dedication to these animals. The fact that they don't even have the animals they are auctioning bothers me. The way Mark Beyers continues to degrade people for not agreeing with his son's business is getting old. How can you represent a business, yet, speak to people like you do? I created a page on Facebook that stood against the bullying these guys to do people. I was reported 6 times in a few hours for speaking the truth. There was solid proof of how he acts. If you want people to accept your business, act like you actually care about it.

Apr 9, 2013
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      10th of Apr, 2013
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    Bobbi Jo Kipp/ Bobbi Kipp, You have never been a customer of Ballbids and you (for some reason) have aligned yourself with known internet forum junkie liars. You and I had ONE responsible facebook conversation and later you sent me a facebook Friend Request which I declined since you and I have noting in common. You do not approve of auctioning animals and is a Reptile Auction Company. Thank you for opening another platform for to Get the Truth Out into the public and we will do so on each and every post required. Here is more FACTUAL INFORMATION ON YOUR FRIENDS Andrew Gomez (aka) Drew the Entertainer on Youtube (aka) Serpent Sity Exotics on facebook from Bayshore, NY and Shaun Sumner of Munster Indiana (aka) Reptile Haven (aka) SMS Rptiles (aka) and Facebook Page Say No to Ballbids has been working illicitly and in unison to harm a legitimate, family owned and operated company ( for over a year now. Gomez is an Admin on the Say No Page. Gomez is doing this because of his dependence on getting new “Likes” on his Facebook page and getting more attention to his Youtube channel where he acts foolish (imo). Gomez discloses on the internet that he is a graduate from Harvard University but so far, neither a High School Diploma nor a GED can be produced. Shaun Sumner is a “Lemming” that is too unintelligent to know better and “follows the loud mouthed liars off the cliff”. Both have LIED and MISINFORMED anyone who would listen, or who would read their illicit comments on Facebook and on the Internet. They open fake accounts and comment negatively with their lies on the internet, and they use FREE internet sites like this to falsely Post illegitimate complaints about, the owner, and the Family of the Owner. (Real nice friends you have Bobbi) They have been involved with persons openly posting on the Say No Page the “HOW TOO’s “on interfering with Business Internet Server, going so far as to post INSTRUCTIONS on ways to interfere with the auction timers. Their friend Rich Kedzeirski Jr (aka), owner of a computer repair company in Maine is who Sumner openly alleges Kedzierski stole high end morphs from BHB. He is their guidance on those illicit computer prompts posted on the internet. They have contacted Ballbids customer’s and emailed lies and misleading information merely because of their unabated hatred for the company. They have been doing this for over a year now. All supportive documentation is readily available on the Say Yes to Ballbids. All three mentioned above are internet forum junkies and I will not be appeasing them with their fixation on internet discussion. I will be merely posting additional documented factual information as needed.

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