Ballantyne - Teal Stage Agentseller-agent poor services and abusive treatment

Elena Donalson, from Ballantine Office In Charlotte, which services I conteacted on Aguat 22-2018, never provided me with any documens of support on time, she been so negative about my property, to much pressure and sicology manipulation to forced me to accept the first offer!!! Added information to a papers after I signed!!! And used of a bad works in Spanish in reference to me...against my dignity on front of rhe buyers, my daughter, the attorney, the buyer's agent, ( who speak Spanish, and undertood perfectly what Donalson said to me) . She stated that if I do not go with the first offer my probabilities to sale the house will be to low. She always mentioned that her average price for sale are house over a millon dollars, and the comition 4% (2% seller agent, 2% buyer agent) is not whorty to much time. I been through to much all this time since she was any support for me at all, just after I accepted the firt offer she stared e-mail and texting with schedules and coming to my place to make sign paper dated with prior dates, saying that is the date has to be in there, and promesing me send me the paper copies which she never did it. I feel mistreated, and abused and taked advantage because for my lack of the English capacity of reading and writing .

Nov 23, 2018

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