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Balaji Diamonds / Think twice before order from Balaji Diamonds

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JULY 14 06 - I won a bid on e-bay for a diamond engagement ring from the balaji diamonds. checked their customer satisfaction reviews most people were pretty happy. common complaint was lack of response to customers and very slow to ship out items. JULY 24 06 knowing they had received payment sent them a request to confirm it on the 26th they replied "gotten payment processing ring". sent them a few emails that were ignored, my fiance got sick due to the loss of a very close family member and suffered depression.When we finally got thru that, Still no ring or emails from balji diamonds. November 06 sent more emails no response, finally called on the phone and he told me he was in india and promised he had sent ring but if i had not received the ring he would refund my money and I was quite impressed with his honesty.. no response after that, several emails exchanged(after sending a very unhappy email). Their final email so far is "look at my side i have sent ring and its not my fault you did not get it" he does not keep tracking numbers that far back... I am out over a thousand dollars and he wants me to look at his point of view, NOW THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE... my advice to future buyers.. THINK TWICE.. it is not a bargain when you receive nothing.. find a company that cares about their customers and not only themselves. In conclusion....


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      4th of Sep, 2007
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    The story is very simple. Someone buys a US$1000+ ring from our ebay store on 14th July 2006. They contact me in November to follow up on this purchase! Ever hear of anyone do that? Wait for 4 months to contact a seller from whom they ordered such an expensive product?

    The item was listed as having a delivery time frame of 10-14 days. I can understand a customer keeps quiet for 3-4 weeks (usually my customer call me if they don’t get the item within the specified time frame, but they definitely do if they find item has not reached them in 1 month!) but 4 months? It’s a little hard to believe that someone would wait for that long to receive an item and does not even try to communicate with the seller about it!

    Anyway here is my side of the story:
    Customer ordered the ring and paid for it on 24th July 2006. Thereafter we shipped the ring to the customer (our records show the item as shipped). However we don’t keep tracking data for more than 3 months. We use a shipping software from FedEx and that does retain tracking information 3 months and prior only. Because of this we were in no position to prove to the customer that the item had indeed shipped to him in the given time frame.

    Anyway one of the following things happened:
    1. The item was never delivered to the customer and got lost in transit:
    After 3 months which carrier would entertain my request for a claim on a lost package??
    2. The item was indeed received by the customer who now claims that he never received it
    People find really novel ways to cheat another person.

    The customer tried to threaten me that if I did not do the refund he would spoil the name of my Company and this is what he is trying to do. Its easy for anyone to do this and malign the name of a Company and for a growing Company like ours to refund money and keep him from spoiling the reputation of the Organization. But that’s the wrong message we are sending out. He will do this with another Company and another till something is done.

    I have a great feedback on eBay (99.9%) and am a Titanium Powerseller (Means I sell over US$150,000/ month on eBay alone). Do you think a person like me would really like to steal $1,000 from a customer??
    I have tried in my response to educate future readers of this thread how easy it is to malign someone’s hard earned reputation in just a few clicks! The internet does have 1000’s of plus points! I guess this is one major flaw! Anyway I have no option but to live with this complaint on this blog for the rest of my life!

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      14th of Sep, 2007
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    I'm glad I fell upon this site. I was getting ready to order from Balaji Diamonds, but if there's no guarantee that I will even recieve the product after I paid for it i don't think it sounds like a good idea. Ordering online is risky enough, but when I read the kind of costumer serive they have from the companies response, I definately don't want to risk it with this company. Thanks for the info.

  • Gl
      11th of Nov, 2007
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    I'm glad I fell upon this site. I was getting ready to order from Balaji Diamonds, and feel they do have a guarantee. Ordering online is risky enough, for an e-bay buyer to wait four months to inquire about won item is real questionable. When I read the kind of costumer service they have from the companies response, I definitely don't have a problem ordering from this company, they have gone out of there way to solve problem orders in the past, with quite a few happy customers. Thanks You.

  • Ma
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    Balaji Diamonds - breech of contract
    United States

    I had purchased a diamond from BALAJI DIAMONDS AKA SPARKLE DIAMONDS from a Mr. Aditya Mehta in April of 2008.
    After some delay I finally recieved the diamond.
    I was not happy with the color at all. It was no where near what I was promised. I was Promised an Ascher cut 1.25Ct I color VS2 Clarity.
    The color was no where near an I color.
    After a few emails back and forth, and yes I waited long for responses, Mr MEHTA agreed that myabe the diamond was not an I color and he agreed to give me back a refund of $175 on May 29th, 2008. I still have our email correspondence.
    To this date I have never recieved any refund and no response or explanation from Mr. MEHTA.
    I would avoid this individual at all costs and any company banner he may be running under.
    All I ask is to get my refund we agreed upon.

  • Zb
      4th of Sep, 2008
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  • Ba
      11th of Sep, 2008
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    I ordered a diamond ring from balajidiamonds on Ebay in 2007. The ring was SUPPOSED to be 1.25 ct VS2 clarity, H color, very clean and clear (almost $2000). I waited for 2 weeks before I started following up on the shipping. After many emails and calls over the next 2 weeks, I finally got a hold of someone. I must be one of the lucky ones in the fact I received the ring, but it was nowhere near the described quality. There were very obvious spots, feathers, and discoloration. It was extremely disappointing to figure out I wasted my money. I left several voicemails and emails of dissatisfaction, but they were never returned.

    I stumbled upon this complaint board, and I was blown away at owner's pathetic response. Mr. Mehta is more of a scam artist than a business man. I would never recommend buying anything from him. If he's not already, I hope he goes out of business soon.

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