Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery / Dr. Micahel salzhauer - brazilian lift surgery not performed and unprofessional staff

My name is Lynette Diaz, and I was a patient of Dr. Michael Salzhauer's. On the day of my surgery (February 10th, 2016), his staff canceled my surgery while I was in the surgical garments. I had been fasting (no food or water) since the previous night and on the medication they prescribed for surgery. When I arrived to the second floor for surgery, the waiting area was the size of a storage closet and no one from the staff was present. This waiting area did not resemble their fifth floor where they conduct new patient consultations.

I started to think maybe I am not on the correct floor. So, I called the office and a receptionist said that she would send the nurse. She quickly hung up on me before I could say anything else. I decided to continue to wait for the nurse. We had to stand while we waited because there was no where to sit.

About twenty minutes pass and still none of Dr. Salzhauer's staff came to check me in nor speak to me. Then when my mom opened a door that lead to a hallway, she sees Dr. Salzhauer come out of a room. My mom says, "Hi my daughter is here for surgery, but no one has came to speak to us yet." He says, "Ok. Don't worry I will take good care of her." And he walks away. So, I was like ok at least I know the doctor is here. I continued to wait.

Then after 45 minutes I thought to myself. I am here for surgery. Why hasn't anyone come to say: Hi, I'll be right with you or something to that affect?

So, my mother walks back into the hallway to see if she could find someone. Tatiana comes out of a room and yells at my mom for being in the hallway. There are no signs instructing patients to not be in this hallway. Mind you, this was the same hallway Dr. Salzahauer had seen my mom in earlier, and he never said that people are not allowed in the hallway.

If my mom had known it was not ok to walk in the hallway, she would not done so. Its simple put a sign on the door or have someone greet your patients. When Tatiana finally places me in a patient room, I tried to explain a few of my concerns. Tatiana said that my concerns had nothing to do with her. Tatiana's tone of voice was again unprofessional and very condescending.

Tatiana is the surgical coordinator. Why wouldn't she care about her patient's concerns before surgery???

Tatiana even stated to me, "You know that this is elective surgery and that you don't have to have surgery." Again, Tatiana is their surgical coordinator telling me (the patient) this. I was shocked that she would even feel comfortable speaking to a patient in this matter.


Tatiana then takes my "before photos", tells me the doctor will be in next, and leaves the room. It felt like she viewed me as someone underneath her. I waited for 11 months for that day and paid $7, 000 for the Brazilian lift procedure. I just told myself not to let her ruin my day.

Then Tatiana comes back to the room with my patient coordinator to tell me that the office is cancelling my surgery. I was like what is going on?

How are you going to cancel my surgery for no reason? I never used profanity towards Tatiana and neither did anyone with me. There was no reason to cancel my surgery. So, we asked to speak to the office manager.

Then the office manger, Rosy came into the room to tell me that she was canceling my surgery based on Tatiana stating that we were complaining.

Rosy failed to even ask me what happen. She should have approached me (the patient) differently, especially since I was calm and genuinely excited about having surgery despite Tatiana's behavior. As an office manager, she should not cancel a patient's surgery because they are complaining.

I even explained to Rosy that I took off two weeks from work, had my relatives travel to Miami, and made arrangements for the care of my two young children for this surgery. Rosy's response was, "I cancelled your surgery, and I am not changing my decision".

The staff also did not allow me to see Dr. Salzhauer before I left. This is also another sign of unprofessionalism. This whole situation could have been handled differently in a professional manner. I have had many different types of surgeries: breast augmentation, a C-section, wisdom teeth pulled under anesthesia, and LASIK eye surgery. And I have never seen medical staff treat patients in this manner before a surgical procedure.

After my surgery was cancelled, the doctor never contacted me about the cancelation of my surgery. I therefore gave him a negative review on which is within my right to do so as an existing patient.

On February 23 2016, the doctor commented to my negative review by stating and implying that I was not psychologically sound to have surgery. This is a false information.

First, Dr. Salzhauer is not a physiologist and cannot diagnosis me as not being psychologically sound.

Second, Dr. Salzhauer consulted with me several times before the day of my surgery and there was no mention of me not being mentally sound to have surgery. Its pure fabrication.

Third, Dr. Salzhauer never even saw me the day of surgery to make such statement on which is a public forum. Attached you will see Dr. Salzhauer's unprofessional-negative Yelp comment to me, a patient.

Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery

Feb 24, 2016

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