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My circumstances are similar to many hard-working professionals: My industry (printing) was suffering and I had to make a move or die a slow career death. I looked, and looked, and looked. Was I being stigmatized? Was I unemployable because of the nature of my work industry? Then I looked at my resume. An aha moment, or is it an epiphany? I knew somehow that employers and recruiters were trying to eliminate me. Not trying to hire me. So, not being a communications type of person, I went to some professionals. They all said that the resume was fine and that I was over-reacting to the job market. My cousin, who I respect for his accomplishments, told me about his positive experience with a resume and employment service called I contacted them and they spoke my language. They also told me that my instincts were right and that I could change my resume. I did and WOW, I started to get interviews. After my 9th interview with 5 employers, I finally accepted an offer. I changed my career, I am happy, and my family is happy. If I did not speak with, I still would be searching, never realizing that my efforts were in vain. What a difference.

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  • Da
      2nd of Feb, 2010

    The subject of your "complaint" is "bad service." May I ask what bad service you received from

    The language used in your "complaint" sounds very much like the text was written by a professional writer who has taken creative writing courses. How long have you been working for

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  • Ch
      10th of Nov, 2013

    After no success with my job search, I considered using Bakos to do a major overhaul of the structure and format of my resume, which I knew had grown stale.

    Before committing, I had several discussions about all of this with the Bakos Group. Besides patience with the multiple calls, I found John to be very knowledgeable and understanding, obviously a veteran in the resume business (a friend confirmed that Bakos Group was first registered in 1981 and incorporated in 1992). After gaining the comfort I needed from my calls with John, I jumped in and purchased their signature product, BAKOSresume.

    We had done 4-5 rounds of revisions. The writers were very prompt, usually returning a new draft the day after receiving my edits. There were some ‘glitches’ in the first draft, e.g. a couple of typos that spell check could not catch and misinterpreting the exact nature of some functional experience. I had expected some amount of this, but considering that the writers did the first draft based entirely on my original resume and a form that Bakos uses to gather additional information, I was very pleased with the draft. Actually I was glad that I did not have to get involved, as I had gotten sick of re-reading my resume and needed an outside perspective.

    I received the first draft three business days after returning the completed form and paying the fee. Later that day I sent Bakos an email with the comment “I love it, ” and that I would have my first revisions back to them ASAP. Besides using a very ‘eye-pleasing, ’ attention-catching format, I was happy with the new structure and the content. It was the complete change from my original that I had wanted, without any misrepresentations. We completed the ‘first final version’ three weeks ago and I did some test marketing with a few friends and recruiters, receiving favorable comments. Two weeks later, I decided on making a change to the main ‘headline’ as well as several other revisions. The Bakos writers were happy to make the changes, republish it on their website (retrievable via a link in the resume), and send DOC, PDF and TXT versions back to me, adding that “they offer unlimited revisions…until I am completely happy or reemployed.”

    I do not know what others expect when using a service like this, but I did not expect the first draft to be perfect. I figured it would be an iterative process to get to a final product. I can only say that I have nothing but praise for the Bakos writers’ performance, and was very pleased with the amount of patience and respect shown to me during this process. I would definitely recommend the Bakos Group to anyone needing help with their resume, either for their professional writing abilities or when a fresh perspective is needed. I promise that I am not a Bakos ‘plant, ’ just someone so satisfied with their service that I wanted to share my views.

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