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Baker Moving and Storage / very dissatisfied (cost, time, duration)

1 TX, United States

I am writing to express my displeasure in dealing with Baker Moving and Storage, I used Baker Moving and Storage for my move from Seattle to Austin.

I requested movers to be at my residence on November 20th, 2008 and was told that they would arrive at my residence between 8 and 10 AM. The time of the move was important as we had plans for the remaining evening which included being at the airport for our flight, which was soon following. Needless to say, the moving truck didn’t arrive at my residence until 6:30 PM, at which point I was told by the movers that they weren’t with Baker Moving and that Baker Moving is actually only a Broker. The movers then explained that if they would have known about this job (my move) in advance then they would have been there earlier; they were notified of my job that morning and not even early, closer to noon. Upon inspection of my items, it was determined that Baker Moving had quoted me drastically wrong and I ended up having to pay an additional amount for the space that wasn’t quoted. Basically I was quoted 250ft and my belongings ended up taking over 400ft, so I owed over $1000 more.

With Baker Moving and Storage, I was quoted 5 to 7 business days. Given I moved the Thursday before Thanksgiving and that is a holiday I did take that day into the count. I received my belongings 2 weeks from the Friday after I moved, December 5th. This was 10 business days. Upon arrival, the moving truck had ‘lost’ two of the movers, so there was only one person to move all of our belongings. We were asked to help out and of course we did as we wanted our belongings and we wanted it to take less time. Also, according to the contract, the assembly of the furniture was to be included in the total cost of the move and that didn’t happen, nor was it even acknowledged by the one mover that he had to do that. Another happening that was at my expense, was the wrapping of all my furniture and larger items in blankets with tape; I had to pay for every single roll of tape, even though in the contract with Baker “WRAPPING OF FURNITURE with moving pads” is included in the cost.

I am very dissatisfied with Baker Moving and Storage as the cost, the moving time and the moving duration were all confirmed months and weeks in advance and none were held to the original decided amount.

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