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Baker Govern & Baker


beware!! rip off artists!!

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Contact information:
Sunrise, Florida
United States

A collection agency with no morals or scruples totally unethical lying cheating #.

Chief players are tom weiss crook extrodinaire & jack kline.

Do not bother to phone them as the operator is trained not to provide the name of the president so you can not even complain to anyone.

I hereby present the # award of 2011 to the most worthy firm of baker, govern & baker.

Let all be know that the above firm is a collection agency that resorts
To making written offers on behalf of their clients and once they have taken the settlement attempts to extort the unpaid portion. This is highly unethical and I created this website to inform anyone who
Happens to stumble on this page about this unscrupulous company.

If anyone out there had similar experience, feel free to drop me a line.
At mike@complexplastics.com

Perhaps we can take a class action suit against this fraudster.

Check out the full story at http://www.bakergovernbaker.com/
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N  7th of Aug, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Guy called for Baker Govern & Baker and offered me a deal to resolve a debt I had. I agreed to the offer. Then the guy tried to get me involved in some kind of club that endorses and actually promotes men who fall in love with and marry animals. One of the guys told me to join that he would have me over to watch him consummate his new relationship with a female Yak. Who has Yak's for pets around here anyway ? I thought a Yak was Central America in origin ? More than that, who does this stuff with a Yak ? I heard of dumb red neck trailer losers doing it with a chicken or goat but a Yak is over the top.

Anyway I called animal control on these guys but never heard back from them. P.I .T.A could care less because they claim the yak more or less has been given a better life and if it can just get past the occasional inconvenience of being mounted by a bill collector, that the actual home life is far more rewarding than the central American jungle or some stupid zoo. I disagree. I mean really, some bestiality ### mounting you and telling you they love you. And you can’t even understand the love part BECAUSE YOUR A FRIGGING YAK!!! This makes no sense at all. I tried to call the better business bureau because I figure yak rape and legal collections has to be some kind of business violation and they told me this was not something they could investigate. No person is currently working at the BBB with any kind of degree in zoology or veterinary studies. I am stunned. I called the other day and heard in the background what sounded like a shriek, then some hooves scampering and a man screaming " Let the midget go next " - this was disturbing because I also heard geese sounds, like from one of those geese whistles hunters blow - and then I heard the sound of flippers, the kind divers use and a grown foreign man belching and saying " PUSH PUSH PUSH. It’s like they were birthing something. Weird. I really do not know what to do with this information. I will never go to the zoo or anywhere I may see a Yak I just feel guilty knowing that nothing could be done. My friend says I should try to overcome my trauma by having a trained Yak with a handler come to my house in my back yard. I thought about it but then thought that since I have one of those kinds of dogs that tries to mount anything it sees it could make me worse off. I will pray for these men and their dirty activity. This is just crazy !
N  24th of Jul, 2017 by    0 Votes
@bob H . H Who can believe such a post? when can a yak be allowed to enter this country and be at someone backyard? Complains on this board seem to be faked. https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/https://www.complaintsboard.com
N  26th of Jan, 2012 by    +1 Votes
This must have surely been traumatizing! Bill collectors are a blood-thirsty bunch; I agree. This experience scars a person for life and perhaps some psychiatric therapy would help, although the praying should help alleviate some stress. If you paid your bill on time, this would have never happened and the time you've taken to make up and post this story could have been used to smoke a little more crack.
N  11th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
The guy took his complaint a little to far, but Baker GOVERN And Baker really are a bunch of real low life ###. Think about it, They have to sa=cam to make a living. They really bring no value to earth. The guy above just did not know how to say this. These guys did not do any homework, They went after my three year old Grandson for $75.00. Just so happened that someone had the same name. They would not listen to anyone or read SS or birth certificates. Real bright guys. Needless to say the judge in the case requested us to file a complaint. Well we have better things to do than go after these ###. We try not to bring ourselves to the same level as the Baker's. Something tells me that the owners, management, come from a part of the world where this kind of behavior is common.
N  7th of May, 2012 by    0 Votes
Bravo, Greg! I applaud your ability to recount your tale of horror and trauma delivered on a silver platter (with a little yak hair) by Baker Govern Sanchez Woo Baker & Govern. They are miserable. I reached a settlement with them regarding a dispute with DHL -- which I'm convinced is a clown school for the emotionally disturbed that has not taught their employees to actually measure and add using the binary system that is common in advanced society, but that's another story. I reached an amicable agreement, made the first two of three payments on time, and before the third was even due, began receiving emails and phone calls from someone other than the person I had been working with at Baker Govern & Yak. The guy is still sending me invoices for the amount that I "owe" --the amount prior to the settlement--which has been completely paid off! They are apparently trying to intimidate me into paying more, hoping I will forget about the settlement I received (?), the payments I've already made (?), the fact that I have everything documented (?). When I asked to speak with my previous account rep, I was told she's "been transferred." Yeah, she was evidently #1 of the Tag Team: First you get a settlement and some money, then #2 comes in and starts all over again, as if there was no settlement! For shame!!!
N  13th of Jul, 2013 by    0 Votes
If anyone would like to communicate their specific situation with me regarding BG&B I would appreciate it. I have spent more than a year trying to get them to acknowledge payments we made towards the balance. It has been extremely frustrating. Please email bgb.scam@aol.com
A  24th of Apr, 2014 by    0 Votes
One of their people called and was so rude and loud and degrading on an invoice I had
never even received. It was from UPS and I am shocked they would deal with such people.
Horrible people!
N  13th of Mar, 2015 by    0 Votes
george lopez ext 1236 is a real "gem" very unprofessional very angry bitter guy! the rudeness that myself and my cowoker have dealt with is horrific. George called our business line every 10 minutes just to bother us as he stated. He became very confrentational when i refused to send him my bosses bank account information on a check payment authorization form. He continuously called and stated to me that i could sign my bosses name myself. George Lopez led me to believe that this company is a scam because a professional company would not behave this way!!! unbelieveable rude pieces of s&%t
A  10th of Aug, 2015 by    0 Votes
I work in Accounts Payable and received a letter from Baker Govern and Baker at my workplace for a UPS Freight invoice we had previously paid about 4 months ago and I know the check cleared our bank, so I called UPS Freight directly to confirm our balance was zero and yes, everything is paid.

So does this scammer really even represent these companies they claim to represent, like UPS, UPS Freight and DHL, or is that a lie, too? Imagine if I had fallen for it and sent them a copy of the canceled check to prove the bill was paid? They would've gotten our checking account routing number, account number and the endorsement information from the back of the check! They must go online and pull up invoices or something, then concoct this scheme that they represent real companies. Low-life ###.

I mentioned to the customer rep at UPS Freight that we had received a fake letter from a "collection agency" but she didn't seem to care so I didn't pursue it although I would love to pursue it if I had time (alert UPS Freight that this company is using their name and invoices to scam people). Believe me, if they contact my company again I will, and I bet our lawyers are better than theirs. All this over less than $600 that has been PAID.

The letter we received was threatening, stating they've tried to contact us several times (no, they didn't), that we would owe the bill plus interest and legal fees if it went to court (which they sounded like they wanted), etc.

This scammer has caused me to miss out on getting REAL work done today but the yak story had me laughing at my desk so at least I got something out of it.
A  22nd of Jun, 2017 by    0 Votes
They must be doing well with UPS claims, because I have been receiving phone calls and now just got a letter for a UPS claim that would not even be billed to my account. It is something I shipped to Amazon, using their account. They were billed and deducted the funds out of my account. Even better, I checked my files and this order was shipped using another trucking company. The question is, where did they get their information. They have correct info on the order specifics, just wrong account and shipping info. Kinda scary how much info they can get ahold of.

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