Bajaj Pulsar 180 / Poor Service from bajaj agency

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Recently I went to Krishna Bajaj, Sector 14 Gurgaon, for getting my bike repaired.

Date of submission: 09/01/2010
Problem: my bike's engine got seized.
Date of recieving: 3 grands weeks i.e. 27/01/2010
Bill: 8700/- + 2% unknown charges for using credit card.
(Though they promised me to give back the replaced parts, but when I asked for them, they simply said we have thrown them somewhere in the junkyard. I have no Idea whether the part was in ok position or it is actually replaced or what...)
Even after paying such hefty amount and then recieving the bike I could hear unnecessary noises coming out of the engine and its preipheral parts. But its not getting into Krishna Service people's ears.
The battery got discharged because of the ignorance of the service people, since the battery is old and they didn't bothered to recharge it on time (in between those three weeks) the battery got drained out.
I have visited Krishna Bajaj to alleviate my problem but there responce was not very amicable. And to my surprise, they ignored me as if I am not there at all.
Please tell me who is going to pay for the battery?

I hope someone will hear this grievance.


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