Bajaj - fx--10 food processor / Bad service and bad product


I bought Bajaj fx10 food processor one and a half years ago. Company promised me for a demo but no one from the company turned up for this. I repeatedly asked them about this but they were very lousy on this.

Few months ago, this product stopped working. I lodged a complaint with their service center and they told me that there is some issue with their small pulley of fx10. From last 6 weeks, no one from bajaj visited my house to repair the fx10 because they do not have small pulley in their stock!

Bajaj is such a big company, and they do not have a very small item in their inventory. I am really annoyed, and I also pity on them. Bajaj was such a great brand, but I think they would not be able to live up to the customer's expectations with pathetic after sales service. God save this company.


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