Bajaj AutomobilesNon delivery of motor cycle and extra charges being made in the name of accessories

Dear Sir,

1. I, Honorary Subedar Major Ram Gopal Saini visited Rampa Auto Limited, NAWANSHAHAR(Punjab) on 08 Aug 2011 with all the requisite documents issued by CSD Depot, Jalandhar with regards to purchase of motor cycle through Canteen Stores Department.

2. On reaching Nawanshahar, bajaj dealer office, I observed that my purchase documents were made erroneously in the name of Bajaj Dealer at Hoshiarpur instead of Nawanshahar. Per chance Owner of the firm was present at Nawanshahar office, therefore I requested him to give me bike from Nawanshahar itself and he permitted me to do so. Accordingly he instructed his Manager, Nawanshahar to carry out the instructions. Manager Mr Rakesh Kumar Rana asked me to pay Rs 875/- on account of freight charges and cost of accessories. When I asked him to give me receipt for the said amount he denied to give me motor cycle and said that you can leave without motor cycle. So I had to go home without bike.

3. Sir Behaviour of Manager was rude and can not be expected from Manager of such a reputed firm.

4. Not only this, next day i.e. on 09 Aug 2011 I talked telephonically to Mr Chhabra, manager of bajaj dealer at Hoshiarpur. He also repeated the same thing and said that he is not having even a single piece for Army personnel. He advised me to buy motor cycle from any other dealer after doing necessary alteration from CSD Depot Jalandhar. He also said that he will also not issue receipt for amount being charged by him.

5. On 09 Aug 2011, I went to CSD Depot Jalandhar, get all the documents prepared in the name of Dada Motors, Jalandhar and purchased the vehicle. Their behaviour was very nice. He did not charged any extra amount and issued receipt for everything.

6. I have suffered lot of me ntal agony and I shall go to the court if justice denied. In these circumstance I would like to request you ask baja dealer to behave nicely and issue receipt for any amount being charged from ex servicemen. No other person should suffer the way I have suffered.

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