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Baja Broadband / No call for connection time

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In June of 2008 I was given a flier about high speed internet from Baja Broadband. They were having great deals and I thought it would be a good time to sign up for high speed internet, so I called the lady that came to my home and gave me the flier to sign up and she took all of my information including my drivers license number and told me that the people that install the internet would be in touch with me soon to set up an appointment. Well, a week went by and nobody called to set up an appointment so I called this lady back and asked why nobody had called yet and she acted agitated and said that sometimes they won't call for a week and when I told her it had been a week she sighed and asked if I wanted her to call them and find out when they would call me. I told her that I did want her to call them and then call me back to tell me what they said and she said she would call them and call me. It has been three weeks now since I signed up and she never called me back and nobody from Baja Broadband has called me either. I am not sure why they would not bother to have someone go around to homes and get people to sign up if they didn't want to get new clients. I think that this is very poor customer service and I want them to find a way to fix this problem!!

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  • Ba
      1st of May, 2010
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    I have been a Baja Broadband customer from September of 2008 and I can tell you from first hand experience that this company is DEPLORABLE !!! Baja Broadband has been over billing me for my internet connect since day one of service and they are arrogant when proven wrong. I would like to explain, I pay for 10mb of download speed an 1mb of upload speed and I only on average of 3mb of "intermittent" service that is no more comparable to "dial-up service" from AOL. I have done my "due diligence" in researching an documenting proof of their less than substandard internet service and I feel that as a consumer it is my duty to make other customers aware to beware of Baja Broadband. If I had to rate Baja Broadband on a scale of 1 to 10 I would give them a " NEGATIVE NINE " for "customer service", "internet service" and all around decency!! BEWARE TO ALL !!! SAVE YOURSELF'S THE HEADACHE AN HEARTACHE OF DEALING WITH THIS DEPLORABLE COMPANY CALLED "BAJA BROADBAND" !!!


    "Ruidoso residents"
    Go to an setup an account to track to you true internet speeds. If you are unable to watch video, download files and or find that your internet browsing takes way to long . Below is a set of step by step instructions to determine your true internet speeds.

    1) Go to "" an setup an account for free and choose the "star" on the map that says "Albuquerque" and start a "free scan" because Ruidoso NM servers are out of Albuquerque NM and this selection will give you a true download and upload speed test.
    Do not use "" as instructed by Baja Broadband technicians because they know that the servers that you will be testing your speed from, are in major cities like Los Angeles and your test signal will be bypassing the Albuquerque servers which are the actual servers that your Baja Broadband service is using. To be non-bias in your testing you should speed test a minimum of 8 times a day at different times of the day and use different servers within a 250 mile radius of your current location. If you know how to take screen shots of your results that would be even better so you can keep your on record of your speed test, does a great job of this for you but to have your own back up and proof to show the in home line tech that Baja Broadband will send out to your house. PLEASE NOTE: You have to do at least 8 tests at different times of the day everyday and for at least a 2 month period before bringing it to Baja Broadbands attention that you are being "over billed" for the service you are actually getting. PLEASE NOTE: Baja Broadband will also direct you to use "" please remember that this Baja Broadband own speed test site and your test is going directly to their servers and this is NOT a non-bias test because it only goes to there servers in your town and back to you which is not a true test.

    2) If you call Baja Broadband for an in house visit you have to take a speed test before you call an after to call as well as when the technician is there and about an hour after he leaves your home. Baja Broadband is notorious for boosting the signal to your house before, durning and after the technician is in your home and this is to prove to you that nothing is wrong with your signal and thus making you out to be a liar. If you do your due diligence you will be prepared to battle with them and let me tell you it will be a battle!!

    If you feel that you are being over billed and not getting the service that you are paying for raise hell, contact the BBB an use "State" authority and bring this to their attention. I KNOW I AM !!!

  • Ba
      9th of Oct, 2012
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    This company SUCKS! Avoid at all cost. I use them for Cable TV (they are the authorized provider in our Colorado community). I have been fighting withe them over intermittent service and billing issues. There are 6 channels (including FoxNews & CNBC that I keep on all day) that go out 10-50 times per day. Once, about a month ago, they were out for nearly 48 hours despite making numerous calls to their "Customer Lack-of-Service" line. This has been going on for months. Also, I've tried every method available to pay my bill, I even hand deliver my payment to the local office and it's been over three weeks and they keep calling saying I've not paid my bill (the check has not been presented to my bank for payment). I've tried repeatedly to use my bank BillPay, but since their 7th century accounting system can't accept an electronic transfer from my account to theirs, BillPay has to mail them a paper check. Same situation as the personal check I hand delivered, calls started coming in that I hadn't paid them and the BillPay check hadn't been presented to my bank for payment. I plan to write complaints to the Colorado BBB and the Colorado Public Utilities Commission recommending their PUC permit to provide services in our community be revoked. AVOID Baja Broadband AT ALL COST!!!

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