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I went to Bailey realty on Friday April 1st to find an apartment for my father. I had until the end of the month to accomplish this task. He had used this realty himself in the past, and seemed satisfied so I went. I spoke to a female agent who unfortunately spoke with a heavy spanish accent. It made understanding everything she said difficult at times. She told me there were a couple of apts. available at the time. I was looking for a studio in the ballpark of $900. She just so happened to have one right in the area. I went to the building, took a look and found it satisfactory. I went back to the agent to apply for the apartment. I spent $60 for application processing. The agent told me she would contact me after the application process was completed. Days went by and when I finally heard something, I was told the apartment went to someone else. I asked her how that happened and if she knew someone else had applied for the same apartment. She told me she didn’t know what happened but if she had known someone else was offered the apartment, she wouldn't have applied. After that, the agent told me, there was another studio available for $900 also in the area. I went to look at the apartment. The apartment was in the process of being renovated. I looked around and saw that it definitely needed renovations. I checked the stove and oven and there were about 100 roaches crawling around underneath and inside. It was disgusting. The agent stated she would ask the landlord to replace the stove. We saw the landlord on our way out of the building. She made the stove request and the landlord told her he did not want to do business with her. He also told her the last tenant she moved into that apartment didn't pay the last 3 months rent. He walked away, went into an apartment and closed the door. The next day, I searched for another realtor. I found one in Riverdale, N.Y. Their apartment listings looked decent. I spoke to a male agent. As a co-applicant, I had to pay $75+$75 plus a $5 fee. I applied for a nice studio apartment in the area that had just become available "the day before". The rent for this apartment was also $900. After applying and a few days of hearing nothing, I had some trouble reaching the agent. When I finally heard back from him, he told me the apartment went to someone else! Now I was in a bit of a bind because I needed to find a place as soon as possible. I was notified by Bailey realty that my father received approval for the apartment with that nasty stove. The landlord, according to the broker allegedly claimed that the stove was new and he was not about to change that stove. I did not want my father moving into that apartment. I was hoping that would not be the only choice for him. My father told me he would take the apartment since time was closing in on us. I realized it was ultimately his decision. The agent from Bailey realty told (him) to bring $3, 000: $900+$900+$900+$300. That would cover security, 1st month’s rent and the broker fee. He would get keys, the lease would come later. My father came with the money but because it was Good Friday, the broker left early for the day. The agent was apparently unaware that he had left. Therefore, she couldn't take the money. She told my father to return on Monday. When he did, the agent informed him that he did not get that apartment. The landlord allegedly gave the apartment to a family member. The broker and the agent told my father there would be ANOTHER apartment available in that same building. It would allegedly be available by the end of the month. The agent told my father the apartment would cost $950. The broker told me the agent was wrong, the apartment costs $1, 000. The broker told ME, that the agent shouldn't tell people the cost of an apartment because her information was wrong and that's why she gets into trouble sometimes! Needless to say, I was already through with that realty after the stove incident. But I had to let my father make his choice. What they didn't know is that I was able to secure a place for my father to move to. I found a great property management through Craigslist of all places. My father was approved for a studio apartment. The price is $900. We obtained a lease and keys and were able to move in days before the end of the month deadline. If you're looking for an apartment, don't use a realtor. Definitely DO NOT USE BAILEY REALTY. Find a good property management. I had no hassles, no problems and no broker's fees. I would never recommend Bailey realty to anyone. They should be shut down just for their unprofessionalism.

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  • Mo
      May 07, 2011

    I'm curious why your dad had an end of the month deadline to get into an apt?

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