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Baikal Miner is currently being investigated by the FBI. Don't send your bitcoin to them first and hoping they will send you the Baikal Miner Cube. WARNING !!! You cannot get your bitcoin back !!! Baikal Miner have known to RIP OFF many people in the past. Their business model invite scammer. The REAL Baikal Miner is working with the FAKE Baikal Miner on Skype to scam you.

Baikal Miner

  • Updated by Baikal Miner Cube, May 15, 2017

    1) Baikal Miner have the worse web site to order their products. You have to send them an email first. They will send you a quote in bitcoin. You have 2 hours to send them the bitcoin before receiving the product. Don’t do this! Baikal Miner have known to keep your bitcoin and not sending you the product.

    2) Baikal Miner communication SUCKS!!! You have to wait days to get a reply back from Baikal Miner.

    3) Baikal Miner Technical Support SUCKS!!! If you have any problems with the products, they will not help you on emails. Instead they will ask you to contact them on Skype. They will warn you there are many Fake Baikal Miner scammer on Skype. They will tell you Good luck in finding the right Baikal Miner for help. And if you get the wrong Baikal Miner and get scam, they will tell you better luck next time!

    4) If you are lucky with your order, Baikal Miner will send you a defective product. This is their scam so they can send you to Skype to scam you for more money by selling you upgrades and steal your money.

    5) Baikal Miner does not take credit card or paypal. They only take cryto-currencies. You pay them first. They are located in China. GOOD LUCK IN GETTING THE PRODUCT AFTER YOU PAY THEM!!! Baikal Miner have known to rip off people in the past!

    6) Baikal Miner business model invite SCAMMER!

    7) The Real Baikal Miner and the Fake Baikal Miner have been known to work together to scam you and steal your cryto-currencies.

May 15, 2017

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