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I have purchased a pram worth £299.99 4 weeks ago (1 march 2009), my account has been debited straight away. A week later I have received an email from Bahloo company syaing that they do not have this item in stock, but they have a different colour. I have phoned them up to say that I am happy with the other colour, but they did not have the other colour in stock either. I said it is fine and I would like my money back...4 weeks later I have not received the refund. I keep calling them asking for the refund, the store owner Andrew does not phone me back, he keeps passing the messages on to shop the assistant and shop assistant keeps making up different stories every time you phone. The shop assistant took my card details saiyng that she is refunding the amount due on to my card straight away using the card machine ( that was a week and a half ago)and I was suppose to get them last week, I never did get the refund back. It is shocking that this company takes advantage of young families, that have kids and more than anything need the money to suport their kids.

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  • Ba
      Apr 09, 2009

    We received an order on our website for a pram. The card details did not match the name on the order or the address on the delivery sheet. When we contacted the phone number on the order, the lady who answered had no knowledge of the order. She called back the next day and asked us to send "the goods", when asked what the goods were, she replied "I'm not sure, what do you sell ?". Naturally we were very suspicious that this was a case of card fraud. We reported the issue to the card issuer and were advised not to send the goods whilst they investigated the matter. It took 2 weeks before the card issuer confirmed that the card had not been reported stolen and that we could issue a refund. The refund was issued within 3 days of the card issuer writing to us.
    We are a family run company with children of our own. We pride ourselves on being open and honest in all of our dealings. In total we spoke to 3 different people who claimed to be the card holder. Despite the comments written on this board, we have never received anything in writing from these people! There was something quite strange about this whole sale that we are still unsure about. Bahloo Limited

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  • Yo
      Apr 12, 2011
    Bahloo Ltd - Taken deposit with no intention of supplying goods OR refund!!
    Bahloo Ltd
    England, Cheshire
    United Kingdom

    They have taken a deposit £350+ for a pram, then failed to order it...and tried vanishing with our deposit!! severing ALL phone numbers for them!!! no mobile, shop number...and refuse to answer the emails!!

    these two are complete ###!!!
    If you have been ripped off by these con artists then leave a post here as we may be able to help you with their details!!!

    They`ve also been selling excess stock via EBAY!! so search for teutonia on wirral on ebay...another way to find them!!

    Complete ###!!!

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