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Writing this review to let everyone know that I personally think bagger bags is a good company. I ordered a bagger kit from them on 2/18/16 of this year. Like most of you guys I kept seeing these reviews and thought to myself "oh man, is it really true" so i called them up and asked myself. They explained to me their side of the story and I decided to take a risk. I got in on a sweet deal they had on one of their social media sites for $550 back during that time for my 07' glide and i like the way it turned out. Got some 5" bags, replacement fender with speaker lids. Came in around 3 weeks and even though they were rough, everything lined right up. Took me about an hour to line it up and I love how it looks. Now jsut trying to gather some money to take her to paint. I attahced some pictures for you guys to see.

Good overall company. I cant really say I had a bad experience with them. Everyone I spoke to treated me swiftly and well. Have recommend buddies to them and now their prepping there kits for paint as well

Bagger Bags Inc
Bagger Bags Inc

Dec 02, 2016

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