SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Just another scam

1 Kansas City, MO, United States

This is a company pretending to be a good service and it is very well organized. It is really just a company that reports individuals that have protected themselves from being ripped off. Once you get on their list you can pay a BLACK MAIL fee to the company to get off of their list.

You can also work from home by contacting these customers and taking the bribes for the company. They give you a percentage of the bribe or what could be called BLACK MAIL. Try calling a credit bureau and bribing your way out of a bad credit report.

If they are protecting the companies that offer free samples just for the cost of shipping to get your credit care then they are corrupt. I know someone that was offered a free laptop for trying out a few products. Within a week the persons credit card was charged for over 500.00 because in the fine print after 6 days your trial period is over and they automatically ship you more of there products and automatically charge your credit card. No retail company should be able to automatically charge you without at least notifying you in advance by email, the telephone or an agreed upon method.

They are also collecting as much personal information from you as they can. Do you think they might be selling this information? I would be willing to bet on it. It sounds good until you see the BLACKMAIL fee they charge to get you off the list. Be afraid, very afraid!

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